Dog Show Versus Military Air Show


The Brush Prairie Cluster All-Breed Dog Show may be looking for a new place to hold this summer?s competition, should the Oregon International Air show hold their event the same weekend. According to staff from the Washington County Fair Complex, leaders of the dog show have threatened to move the show, should the air show go on, simultaneously, across the road at the Hillsboro Airport.

If the dog show were to relocate, the county fairgrounds stands to loose about $25,000.00 – 10% of their annual revenue. With the show being the second-largest annual event held at the fairgrounds (the first being the county fair), a move could prove damaging to the community. Although the show is free and not heavily promoted, thousands of people come to the show and stay in either RVs or local hotels, eat in restaurants, and shop. Other businesses could definitely suffer, should the show follow through with threats, and move to another location.

The Brush Prairie Dog Show has been held at the Hillsboro fairgrounds for the past three years. As long-standing members of the American Kennel Club (AKC), they claimed their weekend a long time ago. The air show, which has yet to confirm a military headliner for the tentative dates, has left the complex staff wondering with they are pushing for the conflicting July dates. The Air Show will unannounced confirmation dates by the end of January. Until then, dog breeders and exhibitors must simply wait and see.


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