Avoiding Common Household Poisons, Part One – Cleaning Products


by Sandra Yvonne Duke
Keep an eye on your clean products for your pets sake.

Cleaning products, foods, plants, and other common household chemicals can be poisonous to your dog.

Cleaning products.
All cleaning products should be kept out of reach of pets, but some can be accessed in ways you might not think about. Few people know it, but dish soap is poisonous to people and pets. Dish soap is, in fact, the most common cause of household poisoning. Don’t let your dog drink dishwater out of the sink. Toilet water can be poisonous due to residues from cleaners and, of course, in-tank tablets. Floor cleaners are particularly dangerous. After cleaning floors the residue can absorb through dogs paws or be licked off. Poisoning from floor cleaner residues can cause damage to internal organs and death. Vinegar is a safe alternative to floor cleaner.


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