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Emily is a wildlife conservation and pet care writer and avid animal lover. You can read more of her articles on her blog, Conservation Folks, and follow her Twitter, @emilysfolk.

Dogs avoid dog poisoned

10 Tips to Avoid Your Dog Being Poisoned

Having a dog is a lot of fun because they’re full of love and excitement. Your dog will always know how to make you laugh and cheer up, but that doesn’t mean…

Dogs Protect your trees from your dog

How to Protect Your Trees from Your Dog

When it comes time for your dog to put their nose to the ground and get down to business, most owners are often happy enough that their dog is about to go…

Dogs white poodle dog at the groomers

When Should You Take Your Dog to the Groomer?

Whether you’re a long-term dog owner or just brought home a new pup, it’s important to take your dog to a groomer for steady maintenance. Dogs need baths, trims and nail care…

Dogs Dog Allergies

Caring for a Dog with Allergies

It turns out no one is immune to allergies, not even our furry friends. Hopefully, your dog doesn’t have a serious problem. Some allergy symptoms are mild, like increased scratching, runny eyes,…

Health & Safety Horse health issues

5 Common Health Issues in Horses

Like humans, horses can get sick or be infected with diseases. Taking care of a horse or horses means you’ll have them in sickness and in health. When your animal gets sick,…

General woman and her dog far away on a beach

What to Expect With the Loss of a Pet

Like many people, you may consider your pets as valuable — or even more valuable — than human family members. When pets pass away, it’s common to feel as if your whole…