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Flea Zapper


I own a flea comb and use it pretty regularly on my dogs. And I generally keep a bowl of soapy water next to me as I use it because it really works – and if I end up with a flea or two on the comb, I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to quickly brush them off into the bowl of soapy water.

So when I saw the Flea Zapper over at Pet Invention of the Week, I was pretty intrigued. It was actually developed and patented by Epilady, the personal hygiene hair removal company that’s been around for years. Their new electronic flea comb kills fleas without chemicals. It uses an extremely low electronic charge which is enough to kill adult fleas on contact but mild enough for your pet. They claim that most pets don’t feel it at all.

My own dogs actually love our current flea comb and will come begging as soon as I have it in my hand. In fact, it’s nearly as effective as a treat for a reward. So I’m thinking that it might be nice to give the Flea Zapper a test drive. My current method works pretty well, but it might be nice ditch the bowl of soapy water and instead kill the fleas on contact.

Here’s what the company says about their new product:

Electronic Flea Comb kills fleas without chemicals.

The Flea Zapper electronic flea comb is the first chemical-free, stress free, way to detect and eliminate fleas. It is most effective on cats and short haired dogs.

Thank to its unique, patented design, the Flea Zapper emits an extremely low electronic charge, enough to kill adult fleas on contact, but mild enough so that most pets do not feel it. Simply comb your pet, and watch fleas being eliminated.

The Flea Zapper is effective by itself, or as an adjunct to any control program.

It looks like the Flea Zapper runs on batteries and works just like a regular flea comb. Looking at the picture, I think I’d like it if the comb head was actually longer (like my current flea comb). But I love the idea of the comb action actually killing fleas on contact as opposed to simply removing them. I’m willing to give it a spin.

Got an Idea of Your Own?
Epilady enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist them in finding marketing / licensing opportunities for this patented product. If you have a great idea for a new pet product and would like help from square one, visit InventionHome to get the ball rolling. And if you’re an inventor with a finished product that’s ready to sell, try


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  1. Tools like this are great and there are a number of natural flea and tick repellents out there too. I happen to use the Essential Oils blendDogOsuds from Dinovite. I love how completely it rinse and it smells great.

  2. I find it funny that Epilady was the maker, but I sure could use one of these here in Florida, or as I call it, the endless fight against flees……

  3. Great post! I haven’t heard of the flea zapper yet, but I’ll have to give it a go! Have you tried it yet? I enjoy the fact that it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals while taking care of those pesky fleas! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post. I hadn’t heard of this until you posted it. As others mentioned, it’s nice that this utilizes a method without harmful chemicals. Thanks

    Lou Ks last blog post..Money News

  5. The flea and tick zapper might be great. At least it isn’t a chemical. I use Dinovite‘s shampoo and supplement, and I love them! I’ve done a bit of research, and all research indicates that the healthier the dog the less flea and tick issues you’ll have. I rarely find a flea or tick on my dog, and we live out in the middle of nowhere with lots of woods around. Anyway, healthy dog equals less fleas and ticks.

  6. We have a human zapper for parasites, and it works great so I would imagine this would work as well. We use our zapper on our pets as well and it seems to work great. They don’t feel it a bit.

  7. What an interesting concept! The only problem I see is that unless you comb your pet thoroughly every day, using just a flea comb to control fleas will have fairly limited success.

    I usually use flea combs to show my clients that their pets have fleas (I’m a veterinarian), and then talk about what options they have for long term flea control.
    .-= Simon´s last blog ..Understanding flea control: What is the flea development window and why is it important? =-.

  8. Organic products in the category of dog vitamins and minerals offer vital remedies for flea and tick control. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a naturally occurring, soft, sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine white powder and can be added to a dog’s diet via supplements. This organic nutrient remove parasites and worms from a dogs digestive system, although ticks are ectoparasites DE destroys the once hospitable environment of dog’s skin and coat.

  9. Turn Your Pet Into A Well Behaved Family Member on

    If the flea zapper works, I would definitely buy one. It would be a great supplement to regular flea treatments to help keep them out of the house.

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