French Bulldog Puppy in the Pet Shop


Yesterday while I was waiting for my wife to finish some make-up shopping in the mall I ventured over to the shopping center’s pet store looking for a unique dog bed. There I found many different puppies, mostly breeds of small dogs – which seem to be all of the rage now, and one which caught my eye was a French Bulldog puppy.

So, being the ever annoying customer I started tapping on the glass of the bin he was in and the puppy ran towards me and in his fit of excitement, slammed his face right into the transparent glass door.

Then the French Bulldog pup began licking the glass, probably thinking he was licking my face, as I was on the other side. It was a fairly cute episode in the pet shop and a good time killer.
I’d like a French Bulldog but do not know how it would get along with my other dogs, a Golden Retriever and a Chocolate Lab. Furthermore, I also wonder if they resemble a Pit Bull when they grow up.
Any French Bulldog owners want to lend their experience with the dogs or their opinion?

By the way, here’s another great Pet Blog.


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