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From Lap to Laundry: Service dogs


Dogs have been the best companion of man since times immemorial. One cannot forget that, Ulysses was recognized by his dog Argus when he returned after 20 long years. A dog can really do wonders especially for those who are physically challenged. This special animal certainly makes the world a better place to live in. It could be any dog for that matter, but a service dog is specially trained in order to assist people who have disabilities. These types of dogs are not of any different breeds, but are like regular dogs except that they have special training to perform tasks for people who have disabilities like impaired vision or hearing or those who are confined to a wheelchair.

They do not particularly replace the conventional care givers since dogs can’t really feed the person, but they help greatly in doing simple tasks such as picking up items which have been dropped by chance. They can open doors, drawers, and switch on lights or automatic doors, warning the homeowner in case there’s an intruder. The dog is very responsible and can rescue the physically challenged person from dangers apart from assisting in other jobs. Thus, service dogs can really bring about a joy and a sense of security and safety to the owner. Such a dog is a blessing in disguise for the person who is totally dependent on it. Service dogs assist people who have health challenges such as mobility impairments, unremitting fatigue issues, balance problems, and several health problems.

Any normal dog can be trained to be a service dog. Some owners choose to train the dog themselves, but this is not a wise decision as professional training can hone the skill of the dog. It is always wise to employ a professional dog trainer. This can avoid probable errors and hazards of training the dog in the proper way. A service dog training center has the essential facilities and equipment required for training dogs so that they may assist humans. The centers teach the dog new tricks so that it may cater to better human needs. The training center has training tailored for human needs and they learn the necessary skills required in assisting people who really need their help.

Many of the sport breed of dogs are used for service dog training. A service dog is generally a supportive dog that is trained to help people with certain disability. These assistance dogs are trained to open doors, pull wheelchairs, turn on or off lights, receive the telephone and so on. The Diabetes response dogs can carry objects such as juice bottles or sniff the handler’s breath for low blood sugar. Parkinson is a degenerative brain disorder for which the patient needs the dog to assist with balance. Parkinson trained dogs are trained to stay with a person if the person starts to stroll or gets into a precarious situation. Therapy dogs visit nursing home residents, people in hospitals, and children in schools. They are often used for emotional support, educational purposes, in order to cheer and soothe people.

Dogs are also trained to make physical contact and guide their deaf partners to the source of the sound. People often identify Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers as paramount Seeing Eye dogs. Seeing Eye dogs are the most popular kind of dog. They are specially trained so a person can walk safely down the street lest the person trips and falls. Some dogs can identify the signs of an impending illness, such as asthma attack or epilepsy, thus it is startlingly true that Service dogs are more helpful to handicapped individuals than a human companion. Dogs don’t expect for any favor in return, but provide the freedom and independence needed for an aged or handicapped to live a normal life.

Service dogs get protection under the law, because they are authorized to be with their owners in public places. These dogs are specially trained to respond to their owners requirements and to act aptly in public places. While service dogs can increase safety for people with disabilities, it may not be the right solution for everyone. Even a well-trained dog often misbehaves. Needless to say despite the shortcomings of a service dog, it is the best choice for someone who needs true protection, love, and care.

Alia Haley is a blogger who is an animal lover. She has four pets in her house that includes two dogs, a rabbit and a parrot.


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This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission for sales referred from links on our site. We're also Amazon Associates, so we may earn from those qualifying purchases, too. Learn more!