Fun Ideas For Pet Halloween Costumes


by Phil Sikes

Halloween has been traditionally a night for the parents and kids to go trick or treating from house to house in their neighborhood. Today it seems that the family pet is also coming along for the fun. If you look at the parents watching their kids on the sidewalk, most of the time there is a dog standing there with them on the leash. A good idea is that since Fido is along for the fun you should dress him or her up in a pet Halloween costume. That may sound weird, but there are festivals all over the United States where people dress up their pets for fun and contests. Why can’t your pet join in the Halloween fun and wear a pet Halloween costume also?

Pet Halloween costumes can be bought at the major big lot pet stores and even Wal-mart and Target carry a small selection. They are a little expensive but if you want to spend the money, you can buy a pet Halloween custom that is as elaborate as those that are made for humans. You can dress your dog up as a princess, a devil, or cow. It is amazing of how much choice there is out there. The worst chore to accomplish when picking out your dog’s Halloween costume is to size it correctly. If your dog is not used to wearing clothes, a costume to big can cause the animal to trip or the dog may try to wiggle out of it.

It may be simpler to make your own pet Halloween costume. You can probably find the items that you need laying around your house. A simple pet Halloween costume can be just a hat. Find an old had around the house and attach a Velcro strip to the house using staples or, if you handy, sew it into the head band. You might want to practice with your dog to wear the hat. If they are not used to it they will try to paw it off. It would be to no avail if you didn’t train your dog and Halloween came along and the dog would not wear the hat. Some accessories that you can add to your dog’s hat are sunglasses and a bandanna. Your cool pooch will impress the neighbors and might get a little more candy from the houses that you visit Halloween eve.

Other pet Halloween costumes can be a little more elaborate or they could accompany the costume that your child is wearing. A popular toddler Halloween costume is to dress up as a puppy. Wouldn’t it be great to have your big dog standing with your toddler as the mommy dog? Use your imagination and try to dress the dog up as a nurse or a nanny. For small dogs, you can dress them up like babies and have your child play the nanny as she carts the pooch in a baby stroller or holds them wrapped in a blanket. Your imagination and creativity are the only limits of what you can do to include your pet in the Halloween celebration and what pet Halloween costume you can come up with it.

If you’re planning to dress your dog or cat in a pet Halloween costume, make sure you follow some simple Halloween safety tips for pets to keep them from getting injured or scared.


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