Get A Better Night’s Sleep By Letting Fido On The Bed!


There’s no denying the bond between dogs and humans, but it might surprise you to know that having your dog on the bed with you while you’re sleeping can actually provide you a better night’s sleep . . . so long as your dog is house-trained and doesn’t have any issues that might cause you way more grief than it’s worth.

I have several dogs, so there are typically 2 or 3 in the bed with us each night. Most often it’s the two boys. One is a bed hog who thinks my legs make the best pillow while another is, evidently, under the impression that having an actual pillow to curl up on is his inalienable right. Even so, I find having them in the bed with me at night extremely comforting and I tend to get a great night’s sleep.

Why? Lots of reasons, but perhaps the top of my list is the sense of security I get from having them sleeping right next to me. If there is something going on, inside or out, that deserves my attention, they’ll alert me. Sure, there are a few false positives (thunder, deer, a racoon), but for the most part it’s very reassuring to have them there to guard and protect while I sleep.

I have several friends who don’t think sleeping with their dog is a good idea. Ever. And that’s okay. I actually have 6 dogs, 2 have coolaroo dog beds, 1 like’s sleeping on the hope chest at the foot of my bed, 1 likes sleeping on the living room couch or in a pillow bed on the floor, and 2 who prefer to sleep on our bed at night. It’s as much about the dog and the dog’s comfort as it is about you and your comfort.

However, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to let your dog share your sleeping space, I’ve got an infographic to share from the folks over at that illustrates 9 science-backed reasons why you should consider letting Fido join you.

Sleeping with a dog


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