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Give Your Pet a Comfortable Life Without Going Bankrupt


Pets are blessings sent from the heavens, but they’re also quite expensive to maintain.

It’s common sense that you shouldn’t own a pet if you can’t afford to take care of it properly. However, there are times when doting pet owners get carried away with a lot of unnecessary purchases and face financial troubles.  

Think about it. Does your dog really need 30 toys, 6 of which are balls of different colors?

Is your cat really using that designer bed you bought, with branded blankets? Or is it just taking naps on your couch instead?

Well, dear reader, I’m here to change your life with some A+ tips on saving money on pet supplies.

So, keep reading to find out how you can give your pet a quality life without going crazy on your bank account!

Shop Smartly

The things your pets need don’t always have to come from fancy stores and malls. Venture out and take a good look around. You’ll be surprised at the goods you’ll find in the most unexpected places!

Personally, I think thrift stores are the coolest stores around. You’ll find the most unique items at really cheap prices. The best part is, this isn’t just limited to humans. You might actually get a pretty good deal on pet stuff like fish tanks, cages, and collars.

The dollar store is yet another place of wonder. I mean, the name says it all! You’ll be able to find some absolute pet essentials like blankets and towels at prices you can’t even imagine. There’s no point in buying essentials of luxurious quality that will go through wear and tear every day.

Save up on Medical Expenses

Let’s be real – pet medications can be really expensive. Although we all want our pets to be in the best health, there’s no harm in looking for the best deal. Contrary to popular belief, vets aren’t the only place with the best medical supplies.

Yes, you do need a prescription from your vet. But you can always get the medication you need at cheaper prices online. The trick is to look for these medications with their generic names, and not any medical brands.

Another trick to lessen the cost of medication is to buy a larger amount at once. When ordering the amount, use the weight of a larger dog. You’ll get the more medicine at the same price you would be paying for a smaller dog.

However, you should definitely get an idea of the right dosage for your dog’s weight from the vet.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Vet visits and medical solutions will always be expensive so it’s best to solve the problem before it gets serious.

Always exercise your dog and give it a healthy diet to keep it fit. Most of the illnesses dogs face come from being obese. Obesity also worsens the condition of a lot of illnesses.

You don’t want to keep things like fleas and ticks brewing. Just go ahead and buy a flea comb or recommended medicine and start killing.

You should definitely vaccinate your pet. This is an investment which will save you tons of money later on. If you’re on a budget, it’s also wise to neuter or spay your pet as soon as possible.

Pregnant pets require more care, which will obviously cost more.

Payment Matters

Sometimes in life, you’ve got to let your ego go and be a little stingy. I mean, why wouldn’t you take advantage of offers that are waiting to be used?

Using coupons and gift cards are also a wonderful way to stay within your budget.

In some shops, you get points for buying things, which add up to gift cards. Don’t give them up just cause you’re in a rush or can’t wait in the queue. A little patience now will save you a lot of money later.

There’s also something called a ‘subscription’ which lets you sign up to receiving a bunch of pet essentials on the regular, right to your doorstep. Many of these subscriptions actually come with discounts. Subscriptions also allow you to save time and make fewer trips to the stores.

Control the Food

Go for homemade treats rather than buying them from stores. You can also opt for giving your dog treats out of your own grocery bag. For example, carrots are much healthier than the artificially colored options in the shops.

You don’t always have to feed your dog a commercial diet. Homemade food can also be a cheaper option, provided you make sure all the required nutrients are in their meals.

Remember to always buy in bulk. Buying three month’s worth of food in on go will save more money. It is better than going to the shops whenever the food has finished.

Groom Your Pet at Home

Grooming is an essential but expensive part of taking care of a pet. Now I would suggest taking your pet to a groomer if it is a once a year affair. Pets can be quite difficult to groom, so if you can afford it, why not?

However, if your pet needs more regular grooming, running to the vet every month makes no sense. With practice and training, you too will be able to handle your pet.

Make a schedule and give your pet its recommended showers, trims and clippings at scheduled times at home and save professional grooming for special occasions.

You’ll see that your grooming costs have gone down a lot as well when your dog is well maintained.

The Internet is a Treasure Chest

In this day age, the internet is there to serve all your needs. There are quite a few amazing websites that conduct frequent sales and give away coupons regularly. What’s more, they even provide free shipping for certain products.

Browsing the internet can also make you knowledgeable about your pet. The more you know, the better you can take care of it. In the long run, it will save you a lot of cash when you can deal with various pet problems by yourself.

Be Wise With Entertainment

Just as we do for our children, we want to buy the best and newest toys for our pets. However, this really isn’t necessary.

Don’t buy your pet billions of toys it will never use. Buy only a few and never take out more than two things at once.

Pet toys don’t have to be exceptionally complicated.  For example, a simple cardboard box is enough to keep cats occupied for hours. As for dogs, a frisbee or a ball is inexpensive but can provide endless fun.

Try creating obstacle tracks with different household objects is also a great way to keep them entertained. This will be a great form of exercise as well as a mentally stimulating challenge for your dog.

Reduce Unnecessary Buying

The best thing you can to cut back in spending is to reduce the buying of unnecessary things. So, recycling, reusing and restoring is the way to go.

Try to exchange things with other dog users and give your dogs hand me downs. I’ve lived my entire life on my sister’s things, and I grew up fine. So I doubt your dog will mind!

You could also take an old stainless steel bowl and use it as your dog’s food bowl. This will actually be more durable than the ones in the store.

What’s more, even your cat’s litter can be made at home! All you’ll need is some newspaper and baking soda. Trust me, it won’t even smell bad.

Final Thoughts

Since you’re already at the end of the page, I’m assuming you’ve read all the tips mentioned above.

They’re quite easy, right?  Well, now you know that saving money on your pet’s things is not rocket science. All you have to do is be resourceful and be on the lookout for great deals.

Spending money wisely isn’t being stingy. It’s just knowing where your priorities lie. Just remember there’s no compromising with your pet’s health, so research well and take professional advice when making a lifestyle changes.

Now use all the tips you’ve learned and go save some money for the things that matter!


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