Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean Dog Treats


Dogs suffer from tooth decay and gum disease, just like we do. We all know that tartar buildup can lead to gum disease for our canine companion (and for us). That’s why we use tartar control toothpaste, right.

Well, a really nice guy over at Hartz sent over a box of their new Crunch n’ Clean dog treats and asked us to give a them a try. Well, have our dogs give them a try. So we did. Have our dogs try them that is.

These treats are special in that they have something called DentaShieldTM in them. Invented by researchers at Indiana University’s School of Dentistry, this ingredient coats your dog’s teeth and acts as a barrier which helps block new tartar formation. Learn more about it here in this video:

So did our dogs like the treats?

They loved ’em.
But in all fairness, they didn’t seem to be impressed to learn that they were also blocking tartar and fighting gum disease. Maggie toyed with her treat because we were trying to get a picture and she’s not about to cooperate in front of the camera. That’s her over there on the left.

To be honest, I’m not qualified in doggie dental care to tell the difference as far as tartar control – but I can tell you her breath smells a whole lot better.

We gave a treat to a Rottweiler, too, but it was long gone before we could snap a picture!


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