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Heartwarming Ways to Celebrate Your Friendship With Your Dog


A dog is a friend, a child, and a guard. The time you spend with your dog will have a therapeutic effect as it will allow you to relax. Here are the ways you can enjoy each other daily and how you can show them that their love is not a one-way street.

Provide Privacy

beagle in his crate with bed and toys
Find a perfect crate or build a perfect house for your dog. Some say that keeping an animal in a confined space can be cruel, but animals actually quite like it, just like you enjoy your favorite armchair or the privacy of your bedroom.

Also, it does come in handy occasionally when you need to restrain your pet, so it is better for them to be used to that space and enjoy it as it won’t be traumatic for them when you have to lock them in. Make sure that space suits the size of your pet and is properly insulated to keep them warm or cool enough.

Trust me, if you choose right, they will love it!

Organize a Doggie Playdate

cocker spaniel and beagle meeting at the dog park
This type of date is a great idea as they can play the games they could never play with humans. When organizing the date, you need to be careful to find the appropriate friends for your pet as well as the appropriate place. You need to be sure of the characters of other dogs, so choose your friend’s pet playmates or dogs you meet regularly at the park so you know they can function well together.

If you host a doggie playdate at your home, you need a spacious backyard with no unfamiliar people around. Regardless of your previous experience, always be there to supervise.

Travel With Your Dog

happy beagle at the lake
Dogs love their car-rides! Perhaps you can organize a trip for the family and the dog or just the two of you. Roll down the windows and let them enjoy the view and the breeze.

Take them to a beach or a lake so they can have a wet run and a swim. The water does wonders for them and it will offer you a range of new games to play.

Travel Without Your Dog

3 puppies playing in a grass lot
If you have to go on a trip, the one where you cannot take your dog along, the last thing you should do is leave it behind and have a person come around to feed it. This means that your dog will be alone for most of the day, which can be quite devastating for dogs who are used to getting attention and being surrounded by people. Another option is to find them a temporary home with one of your friends – which can sometimes be a lot to ask, especially if your furry friend is large-sized.

Make this trip a bliss for both of you by considering boarding. Boarding has gotten a lot better than it used to be. Hosts Charlie & Kerry Baughen, from Cooltre Pet Motel, say that some of the dog-owners who used their services have realized that leaving a dog in a good motel can be much better than leaving them with a friend. Dogs can learn to see motels as an excursion and excitement and enjoy the love of their hosts, the company and playing with other dogs. They probably do not like it as much as being with you, but it can be a treat if the experience is calm and rewarding.

Shower Them with Toys and Treats

beagle with his dog toy
No need to shower them so they do not get spoilt, but get them an occasional surprise by purchasing or making a toy just for them. You can do the same with the treats, they enjoy them and it is an efficient confirmation of their good behavior. Toys can be used to develop certain skills or tackle certain issues so you can consult your vet or a person at the pet store as they are unusually very well trained and informed.

Play Games and Teach Tricks

beagle giving his human his total attention
Now that you have the toys and the treats, use them. Spend time playing with your dog daily. The exercises will be good for both of you as pretty much any type of game with your furry friend ends up being running and jumping. Teaching them to do tricks will develop your connection with them, as well as some of their skills. They are silly little things and they will enjoy pleasing you and having your attention. Getting that treat once they learn to do the trick successfully will be an extra perk.

Pet your Dog

woman petting her beagle dog
Snuggle with your furry monster. Let them come up on your bed or sit in your lap and simply enjoy their warmth and heartbeat. They will get a unique sense of security from this, one they cannot get by playing with you or seeing you laugh. Find comfort in your dog and let him find comfort in you, too.

They have a lot of love to give and they are happy to share it in return for almost nothing at all. Show them their kindness is not in vain, enjoy them and help them enjoy you, too.


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This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission for sales referred from links on our site. We're also Amazon Associates, so we may earn from those qualifying purchases, too. Learn more!