Holiday-Themed Survey Reveals Fun Insight About Our Pets


EAGLE, Idaho, Dec. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — VetIQ®, the vet-recommended line of pet prescription medications, flea & tick preventives and other health and wellness supplements for America’s pets – today revealed the results of its 2014 Holiday Fun Survey. The study, which asked more than 750 pet owners to provide insight about their dogs and cats during “the most wonderful time of the year,” highlights some of the popular quirks and trends that occur among pets from the Thanksgiving holiday through New Year’s Day.

When asked whether their dog or cat has been naughty or nice this year, most pet owners say their pet has been NICE (85%) vs. NAUGHTY (15%). And when it comes to family dynamics during the holidays, most pet owners said they would rather stay home alone with their pet to celebrate (96%) than have to leave their dog or cat at home to visit their in-laws (4%). As for New Years’ resolutions, most owners want their pet to learn better behavior in 2015 (53%) – but they also want their pet to get rid of their bad breath (26%) and lose weight (21%)!

Additional Highlights from VetIQ’s Holiday Fun Survey:

  • Do you share your Thanksgiving feast (or the left-overs) with your pet?
    64% (yes!), 25% (no way!), 11% (only if they take something off the table when no one is watching)
  • A kiss beneath the mistletoe is:
    85% (OK for pets too!), 15% (for people ONLY!)
  • Which holiday character best describes your pet’s personality? 54% (Santa Claus), 32% (Frosty), 14% (The Grinch)
  • What is your pet’s holiday nemesis?
    38% (colder weather), 38% (doorbells & carolers), 15% (your out-of-town family members), 9% (flashing lights & decorations)
  • How much do you spend on holiday gifts for your pet?
    48% (less than $25), 35% ($25-$50), 10% ($50-100), 6% (I don’t buy holiday gifts for my pet), 2% (more than $100)
  • Do you plan to travel with your pet this holiday season?
    24% (yes), 76% (no)
  • If you do travel with your pet, you travel by:
    97% (car), 1% (train), 2% (airplane)
  • Which winter vacation would your pet enjoy the most?
    36% (they would rather stay home), 23% (somewhere fun in the snow), 19% (on a road trip), 21% (a beach escape), 1% (a desert adventure)

Here’s the infographic VetIQ® created to highlight the survey results. Enjoy!
And have a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Holidays With Your Pets by the Numbers: An Infographic From VetIQ Pet Care

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