How To Care for Your Pet When You’re Not Home


Extended leaves from home aren’t always easy when you have a pet, especially if you don’t have someone to entrust with their care. For many, our furry friends are family members, so you must take the best possible care of them. Before you leave your four-legged friend alone, research how to care for your pet when you’re not home.

Tend To Safety

If you plan to leave your dog home alone, make sure they’re safe while you’re gone; to do this, remove dangerous items they may consume, as dogs are naturally curious. If you have an inquisitive pooch, make sure cabinets containing hazardous chemicals and medications remain locked or out of your canine’s reach.  

Another way to care for your pet when you’re not home is to consider installing a camera; this allows you to check-in on your pet while you’re away. Moreover, this is an excellent option if you plan to take a vacation and have a pet-sitter, as it allows you to virtually check-in.

Establish a Comfortable Environment

Make sure your dog is comfortable while they’re home alone by keeping the thermostat at an appropriate temperature—extreme temperatures are just as dangerous to animals as they are to people. Also, keep toys available and close to their bed since their emotional health is just as important as their physical wellness.

You must understand their behaviors, as some dogs suffer from separation anxiety, especially if they haven’t adjusted to the idea of their owner leaving the house. If your dog suffers from this form of anxiety, learn to ease their discomfort through training.Animals struggling may display various signals, including destructive behavior, excessive barking, and whining. Correcting this behavior is necessary to ensuring your furry friend lives a happy life, as you can’t always be home, and they must learn how to cope when you’re away.

Consider Doggy Daycare or a Pet Sitter

Lastly, look into different daycare options, ranging from a pet sitter to dropping your canine off at a doggy daycare facility. Having a pet sitter comes with various advantages, the most important being your pet doesn’t have to leave their environment, which is beneficial to dogs that are homebodies. However, finding this individual is a process, as you’ll have to trust them in your home with your furry friend in their care.

On the other hand, doggy daycare is a great option; these facilities often board your pet, whether for a few hours or numerous days. While here, your dog gets a chance to run around and socialize with other canines and enjoy themselves while you’re gone. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your pet since they’ll be in the care of trained professionals, ensuring both you and your pooch have a great time.


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