How To Introduce Your Dogs To New Furry Friends


Our four-legged companions need socialization and friends just like we do. But socializing a dog is also important to their mental well-being. Meeting other dogs helps your pup better understand social behaviors and build confidence. Read all about how to introduce your dogs to new furry friends so yours can have plenty of playmates! And if you plan to adopt a second dog, this is must-know information—everyone in the household needs to approve of the new arrival!

Go To a Safe Environment

When you’re planning to meet a new dog, make sure you meet in a neutral location outside. Two perfect potential meeting places are a local park or a yard. What’s important is that both dogs have enough room to run around as they meet one another.

Remember that when the two dogs first meet, it’s best to either keep them leashed or have a barrier between them. You need complete control over your pet in the event one of the dogs displays signs of aggression or fear.

Take Things Slow

Don’t overwhelm your dog, especially if you’re planning to adopt an additional furry friend! When two dogs first meet, it may feel stressful, or one dog could get territorial. In the instance that you’re adopting a second dog, gradually introduce both pets through scent.

Pro Tip

Bring your dog a toy from the other canine and vice versa. This allows the dogs to pick up one another’s scent in separate locations, enabling them to detect the other’s scent when they finally met. Dogs have a powerful sense of smell, and scent gives a dog quite a bit of information on another animal.

Never Walk Away

Wherever you decide to introduce the two dogs, you need to keep a watchful eye on them and understand their interactions. Understand your dog’s behaviors. Some dogs don’t get along with others. Just like people, two dogs may not get along for a variety of reasons.

Some behaviors are signs it’s time to remove your dog from the situation, including:

  • Lip Curling
  • Growling
  • Staring
  • Tucked tails

Conversely, when you see good behavior, reward it.

Keep the first meeting brief. Doing this ensures neither pooch feels overwhelmed. And if you’re introducing a new puppy to a senior pup, remember that your older dog may not have the energy or patience for a puppy. Dogs don’t always get along, but by understanding how to introduce your dogs to new furry friends, you can keep introductions stress-free!


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