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How to Keep a House Clean When You Own a Pet


If you’ve always wanted a pet like me, but refrained from keeping one because of the cleaning nightmare, you’re making the biggest mistake. This is no reason to deprive yourself of the joy of owning a pet or giving these adorable creatures a caring home.

So, what’s the solution to keeping a hygienic, fresh smelling and spotless house when owning a pet, you ask?

Well, you’ve just got be organized, regular and smart about how you clean and what you use.

I’m going to make your life easier and share with you some tested cleaning tips that I follow myself, to keep my house looking spick and span. So, don’t worry and keep reading to find out how to keep a house clean when you own a pet!

A Clean Pet Means a Clean House

If your pet itself is dirty, how can you expect your house to be clean? Grooming your pet will keep it healthy and make all the difference in keeping your house spotless and odorless.

Wash Your Pet

Pets get up to all sorts of dirty shenanigans, and so they should be getting baths using proper pet shampoo. However, for dogs, make sure these shampoos are not being used too frequently, or else you’ll be stripping away dog’s natural oils present in their fur and skin.

Washing with plain lukewarm water or just even wiping your pooch with a damp towel or pet wipes from time to time will make a massive difference as well.

Smaller sized pets can be washed in basins instead of tubs as the large space might overwhelm them. Make sure to dry your pet afterward because the last thing you want is your house to smell like a wet dog!

Brush Regularly

If you know your dog well, then you know how much it will shed during seasons and off-seasons. Not to mention how hectic it can be to keep picking up fur from the furniture and the floors. Although this is unavoidable, if your brush your dog regularly, the shedding can be greatly controlled.

Not only it does wonders for your dog’s skin, but it also promotes increased circulation spreads out the natural oils.

Organized and Immediate Cleaning

If there’s a mess somewhere, don’t wait to clean it up. the longer you delay, the more it becomes difficult to clean up any pet mess. Longtime dirt and grime are the hardest to remove; so, avoid that at any means necessary.

Cleaning your entire house every week might take a toll. Instead, clean daily and set a certain time out of your day to go around and keep your house spotless.

Also, make sure you keep your cleaning tools at hand and deal with the mess right away. If there’s a spill or a muddy accident on a carpet, get right to scrubbing because the longer you let it stay, the more likely it will stain.

Wipe the Dirty Paws

Pets are always out and about in the mud, and when they walk into the house after playtime, they track all that yard dirt in with their paws.

This is why you should always keep your pet’s paws clean.  You’ll need a doormat and a towel to wipe away the dirt.  A spraying water bottle is really handy for these situations too.

You could even place some runners along the doorway, which would catch all the dirt and make it much easier to clean up later on.

Set Aside a Cleaning Zone

Life will be a lot easier for you if you have an assigned place for cleaning your pet, with all the cleaning things you need at hand.

The best place to do this is your laundry room or your bathroom. But if that’s not possible, the entranceway to your door will work as well.

Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Belongings

Everything your pet uses should be cleaned frequently. Their beds and toys are most likely to get the smelliest and dirtiest.

Make sure whatever you buy is machine washable. Don’t just opt for pretty and fun looking things.

Beds with removable and washable bed covers would be the best option to maintain cleanliness. Always check the washing instructions. Normally you should be able to pop it into the laundry, keeping it at a large load setting and using cold water.

Wash your pet’s toys at the sink or soak them in a bowl of soapy water. Scrape away dirt and food particles from toys using a toothbrush. You could also put them in a dishwasher or the laundry.

Dry out all your washed toys and bedding in the sun. This will not only get rid of the bad smell but also kill the bacteria.

Get Rid of the Bad Odor

The best way to get rid of the dog or cat smell we all despise is to keep your windows and doors open for a set amount of time every day. This will let in fresh air and light, keeping your house airy and odor free.

Keeping your pet and its belongings clean will also greatly make your house smell better. And let’s not forget the numerous products available in the markets like fresheners and candles to keep your house smelling incredible.

You can even use household ingredients in your kitchen cupboards like vodka, baking soda, and vinegar to keep away the bad odor.

Many dog owners opt for planting flowers like lavender to get rid of the dog odor.

Cleaning Tools and Products

Make sure you’re doing your cleaning with the right tools. This will make the process much more efficient and effective. Some remove stains, others remove spots and odor. There are even cleaners that only focus on pet hair.

Here are two important cleaning gadgets that every pet owner must have to keep a clean home.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are the best and fastest way to get rid of all the hair and fur from your carpets and furniture. Small handheld vacuum cleaners are more convenient and efficient in getting your house clean, but the larger ones are powerful.

Just make sure they are good quality with high suction power. You should also clean out the filter every day or it will get clogged. Accumulated hair and fur in the vacuum canister will just blow out the dog smell anywhere you vacuum.

You can also remove spots with certain vacuum cleaners. Make sure to get one suited to your needs.

Lint Roller

Vacuum cleaners can’t always get rid of every single hair from the surface. They’re also more suited for specific cleaning times.

This is where having a lint roller comes in handy. It gets rid of all the persistent hair your vacuum can’t get remove and can be used at any time without much hassle.

Lint rollers are a must if you have a cat because your clothes will definitely be covered in cat fur whenever you give it a cuddle.

Furniture Maintenance

The best thing to maintain furniture is to train your pet not to get on it. However, this is easier said than done. So, the second best option for you is to keep your sofas and prized furniture covered with a washable cloth or throw.

When you own a pet, you should also buy pet-friendly furniture. Be careful about the material you buy because hair can stick on more easily to certain types of fabric. In fact, some materials can even hold onto odor and stains!

Leather or microfiber are good options for furniture material when you own a pet, as they aren’t difficult to clean. But make sure you dust and wipe them regularly, at least once weak.

Control the Clutter

Our hearts are always ready to buy our bets a billion toys. However, keep in mind that they should only have as much as they need because all these toys are only going to clutter your house.

Have a designated place for keeping your pet’s toys like a basket or cupboard. If there’s a toy your pet never plays with, wash it and give it away to pets that would actually use it.

And if some toys have been torn and worn out, don’t keep hoarding them and just throw them away.

Remember, the less you have to clean and tackle, the better!

Final Thoughts

For those of you blessed with a cat or dog, you know how amazing having a furry little friend in your life is. However, I’m sure you’re also well aware of the troubles of keeping your house clean and hair free. Keeping a pet in your house is no easy task. And if you’re a new pet owner, it’s only right to worry about cleanliness and hygiene.

But if you use the advice I have just shared and make the necessary purchases and lifestyle changes, you’ll soon see that maintaining cleanliness with is not that big of a deal.

So, go on and put your new-found knowledge to use and make sure to thank me afterward!


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