How To Make Your Pet More Comfortable When Visiting the Vet


It can be challenging to make a pet feel safe and comfortable when visiting a veterinarian’s office. The smells and sounds of other animals and the alien machinery can be intimidating. As humans, we can’t imagine what kind of impact that can have on an animal, but we can empathize and learn how to make our pets more comfortable when visiting the vet.

Give Them Something To Play With

In stressful situations, animals benefit from a little distraction. Just as people pacify anxiety by looking at their phones, pets can quell their anxiety by playing with their favorite toys. The familiar taste, smell, and feel of a plaything can help take them out of their surroundings. Veterinarians should also have toys on hand in their office to help with moody animals.

Seek Out Less Invasive Caregiving Methods

Veterinarians rely on a wide spectrum of tools and techniques to accomplish their work. Some professionals are invasive and aggressive with the animals, while others go the extra mile to find methods that cause as little stress on pets as possible. For instance, some veterinarians may use bulky X-ray machines, which require them to strap or hold down the animal. Others use a more animal-friendly approach.

Veterinarians who want X-ray imagery but don’t want to disturb pets with restraints should consider using Examvue’s portable ultrasound scanners. With this veterinary ultrasound equipment, an animal can sit comfortably while the veterinarian gently applies a wand to its body. The wand delivers instant computer imagery of whatever is underneath, thereby X-raying the pet without being too invasive.

Reward Good Behavior

Positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to make a pet more comfortable when visiting the vet. So, be sure to bring plenty of treats with you to the vet’s office and dole them out generously whenever your pet behaves well. It might also be a good idea to give them a lighter-than-average meal ahead of the visit so they’ll have more room left for snacks.

Over time, your pet will understand that good behavior equals a treat. This will help your pet cope with the present visit and hopefully every visit to come.

Hopefully all or some of the measures we’ve noted here helps trips to the veterinarian’s office become more ordinary and even pleasurable for your animal. Pet owners, vets, and pets alike will certainly feel happier as a result.


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