How To Successfully Work from Home with a Dog


More people are working from home these days than ever before. This change brings a whole list of distractions, from spouses to pets. It’s great that you’re able to spend more time with your dog now, but they may be confused about why you’re not providing them with constant attention. Let’s explore a few ways to successfully work from home with a dog and still be productive.

Start the Days with a Walk

Walking is one of the best bonding exercises for you and your dog. It also benefits your pup’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Beginning your day with a stroll around the neighborhood will strengthen your bond and deter attention-seeking behavior such as whining or excessive crying. After all, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Set Aside Designated Playtime

You don’t have to stay separated from your dog while you’re working. After all, uou did get a dog because you enjoy the company and like having a companion. To keep a good work rhythm going, set aside a specific time to play with your dog. Enjoying 20 minutes of quality playtime will be more productive than engaging in small moments of play here and there throughout the day. Dogs are intelligent, and they catch on quickly. You don’t want them to expect that you’ll play with them whenever they’re doing something adorable. They’ll seize that opportunity to distract you.

Divide Work and Play Space

Create a clear boundary between your work area and your pup’s play space. You can decide which method of doing so is best, between setting up a gate to keep your dog from getting into your work zone, putting your fur baby into their crate, or leaving your pup in a particular room by closing the door. Creating that boundary while you’re working helps your dog understand the day-to-day routine.

Ensure that your dog’s space feels comfortable so that they don’t associate it with being in time-out. Be sure your pup has access to their favorite toys, or give them a treat puzzle to keep them busy while you’re working. This idea will go a long way to ensuring your dog is satisfied all day.

You might also think about enrolling your dog in doggy day care a couple of days a week. The Barker Lounge has a few locations on the East Coast that will provide excellent doggy day care for your pup. It’s a fabulous way for your dog to socialize and exercise while you’re hard at work.

Ignore Attention-Seeking Behavior

One of the most challenging parts about working from home with a pet is learning to deal with their attention-seeking demands. This behavior includes pawing, barking, nudging, or whining. Responding to these actions tells your dog they can receive your attention whenever they desire. The best way to handle this behavior is to ignore it completely. Don’t even scold them or gently push them away, because any attention is good attention to your dog. They’ll begin to understand they won’t get what they want and move on. This reaction will let your pup know how they should behave when you’re working.

Working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds, and the distractions from your pets probably aren’t helping. But we hope these tips will help you successfully work from with a dog.


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