I Bark, You Bark, We All Bark for… Ice Cream?


Ice cream is a very popular treat loved by everyone, but is it safe to feed to your dog Max? It’s hard to resist the temptation of giving them what they want when they whine and give you those puppy dog eyes, but a little known fact is ice cream can really hurt your dog, according to Pets.WebMD

Though ice cream isn’t the worst food you could give your dog, it’s also not the best. Ice cream, and other sugary foods, can lead to obesity, dental problems, diabetes and other serious health problems. Furthermore, dogs cannot digest dairy products very well since they’re mostly lactose intolerant. Ice cream has lactose, a type of sugar, which, for our canine friends, can lead to moderate to severe digestive trouble. It can cause diarrhea and, in very bad cases, can even be fatal.

There are other treats you can feed your dog that would make a great alternative. There are even lots of sweet treats out there made specifically for dogs.

Frozen yogurt is a close alternative to ice cream, but it’s much safer for a dog to eat compared to ice cream. This isn’t something you can give them on a regular basis – but giving them a bite of either vanilla or peanut butter flavored froyo shouldn’t hurt them as bad as a scoop of ice cream.

Frosty Paws is a very popular frozen treat made for dogs. It’s a “cool treat for your canine pal” that won’t cause any stomach issues. This treat is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and protein. It also has no added sugar, artificial coloring or flavoring. If you’d like to read more about their product, here’s their website. Frosty Paws

What if your dog accidentally ate a lot of ice cream?
(Hopefully it wasn’t chocolate ice cream, because chocolate can be poisonous to dogs.) If your dog ate a bunch of ice cream, you should contact your vet immediately. Your dog will probably be sick for a couple days, so you can expect vomiting, diarrhea, and general discomfort.

Everyone loves a sweet, frozen treat from time to time, especially in the heat of summertime, but you have to be careful what your dog gets its paws on. Just remember that most dogs are lactose intolerant which means their body cannot digest a certain sugar called lactose. There are still plenty of ways that you and your dog could both be enjoying a frozen delight on a hot day!


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  1. I figured ice cream wouldn’t be very good for dogs, but I didn’t know they are mostly lactose intolerant. I try not to feed my dog people food very often, but sometimes you can’t resist their puppy eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ice cream is okay for dogs. And these days we do have ice cream brands mainly for pets. However, just as in human, too much of it is harmful.

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