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When have you ever kissed and cuddled your most recent investment? I bet the answer is never! Well, I love alpacas, and almost 2000 Americans are doing just that right now. Raising alpacas is becoming very popular these days, and it is also very profitable! The value of a breeding female alpaca is around $20,000 and if you sell her offspring, you can expect to get around $10,000.

If you’re just now learning about raising alpacas, do not make a big investment in alpacas without first gathering all the info that you can. There is a lot of info available for novices as well as experienced owners on the internet and at libraries. Another great resource to use is local clubs that have people on hand who want to educate people on the pleasures and financial benefits of raising alpacas.

In breeding alpacas, you’ll want to bring in alpacas that have first-rate fleece and excellent conformation traits. What exactly is conformation? Conformation refers to how close a particular alpaca is to the ideal alpaca. When considering fleece, you’ll want your alpaca to be from a genealogy that has been proven to generate marketable fleece. This way, you can be sure that you are taking in the full benefits of alpaca ownership. The quality of the fleece is very important in alpaca business. Conducting the proper research is important because of the financial aspects and benefits of alpacas.

If you decide that raising alpacas is the perfect investment opportunity, you have to realize that you’re not just committing to alpacas, but to the alpaca lifestyle. Most alpaca farmers will tell you that the work required is completely worth the return. And it’s not just about money! Alpacas become a part of the family! You’ll be hard pressed to find an alpaca farmer who regrets the decision of bringing alpacas into his family life. Raising alpacas may begin as an investment to your financial future, but these animals will become a treasured part of your life.

I hope you’ll come to say the words “I love alpacas” along with me after you start raising alpacas yourself!

I love alpacas! They really are the cutest investment you can find anywhere. For more information on having your own alpaca farm, visit us at I Love Alpacas.


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