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It’s The Dogs’ Life


Lora’s life has, as she readily admits, gone to the dogs.
Saint Bernards from
She’s got a houseful and they’re not small dogs, either. She has 2 Saint Bernards and 4 Labrador Retrievers.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy this pets blog and repeatedly visit it is the awesome header image, where her two Saint Bernards are prominently featured. That’s Brutus there on the left, and his litter mate, Rufus, on the right. What’s even more impressive is that Lora does the artwork herself and you get to see more of her talent inside the blog postings!

This pets blog has been a favorite of mine for quite some time, so I thought it would be appropriate to have it be my first ever featured pets blog.

So, first things first…

How do I know which Saint Bernard is which?

Simple! I’ve looked at all the marvelous pictures Lora has on her site and I’ve read a lot of posts about her daily adventures. I do tend to focus on the Saints (as she lovingly refers to her boys) but I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because my husband’s favorite childhood pet was a female Saint Bernard named Sam…

If you’d like to see the difference between the two for yourself, visit Lora’s Saints page for photos complete with names. And, as not to totally ignore her four other canine companions, visit her Labs page for photos of Zeus, Hera, Apollo, and Eris. What cool names, huh?! My guess is someone at Lora’s house is really into Greek Mythology or perhaps just decided to aptly name the labs after Greek Gods and Goddesses.

What You Can Find at Lora’s Pets Blog…

The archives over at It’s The Dogs’ Life date back to January of 2007, when she first introduced her pack to the world at large. Since then she’s been putting up pictures of the gang and her canine cookbook recipes, which include treats like Brutus Buckets and Zeusicles. Strangely enough, I also love all of the collar posts. There’s lots of those because Lora’s a collaraholic. That’s right – she’s in love with fancy posh dog collars (her words, not mine)!

Me? I love cool dog collars and admit I’ve spent my share of money purchasing them when we really, really didn’t need another one. So lately I live vicariously through Lora’s many splendid collars finds since she always talks about them and then shows them off in photos. If I wanted to find a unique new collar, Lora’s blog is the first place I’d check to see the latest and greatest. If I sold dog collars, I’d be sending her a sample (or six) right away.

What I’d Like to See…

There are lots of great links, plenty of helpful advice, and wonderful pictures to see. I do wish there were categories or a tag cloud or something that would pull the related previous posts together other than in the archive. But I always look forward to the newest pictures, a peek at more of Lora’s computer artwork and, now, more videos of the dogs.

Latest & Greatest…

I popped on over to It’s The Dogs’ Life today to see what Lora’s been up to recently since I am writing this post and plan on publishing it later today. To my surprise and excitement there was a video of clips featuring the dogs playing around outside. SWEET! I love pictures so moving pictures is great. I’m not so sure she’ll actually usurp Spielberg, but she certainly made my day. Want to see? Watch Who Let The Dogs Out.

She’s also added what I can only guess is a new WordPress plugin that makes her pictures even easier to enjoy. You can see how it works on the Whiskey Keg pictures (don’t worry, I’ll tell you about those next).


Lora and her house-full of slobbering hounds keeps me captivated. I like seeing the latest fashions and photos and find Wordless Wednesdays to be my favorite day of the week to visit. I always scroll back to see any Wednesdays I may have missed since my last visit. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, be sure to stop in and enjoy a tiny piece of Lora’s world. How could you not respect someone with four large and two extra-large dogs around the house. Literally, who would dare NOT to respect her with all those guardians.

I was going to include my favorite pic of the Bernard boys, but I honestly couldn’t decide which to feature. So instead I’m recommending that you go look for yourself because there are just too many to choose from (like the recent whiskey keg barrel pictures and this really nice picture of the two dogs together).

Brutus and his brother Rufus came to me as fosters. They are litter mates and needed to be kept together. I figured the chances of adopting out over 3oo pounds of dogs (2 of them) and keeping them together was going to be very hard so I just kept them myself. I love my big galloots. -Lora, It’s The Dogs’ Life


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  1. Congrats to their blog! I’ve always loved their blog too & always thought their mom sooo artistic & very good at taking great pictures of the dogs! Their blog is one of mah FAV!!!!

    Butt shakes,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. I love Lora’s site as well. I visit it every day (sometimes twice). I think my favorite thing about her site is her photos. She takes great photos of all her dogs.

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