June is Now Social PetWorking Month


Adopt-A-Pet.com Launches a “Social PETworking” Campaign To Empower Internet users to Help Get Homeless Animals Adopted

Saving a pet’s life is only a few clicks away . . . so twitter a critter, blog a dog, or chat a cat!

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 1, 2009 – With the economic disaster contributing to a drastic increase in homeless pets, Adopt-a-Pet.com, North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption web service, today launched a unique “Social PETworking” campaign to encourage users of social networking websites to advertise adoptable pets to their friends as a way to help homeless pets get seen and adopted.

To kick off the campaign, Adopt-a-Pet.com has declared June as “Social PETworking Month” and has set a goal of networking at least 30,000 homeless pets in the first 30 days. Adopt-a-Pet.com is also giving away a year’s supply of Purina ONE® pet food to a lucky pet lover who visits their website to help with Social PETworking.

“Social PETworking is a grassroots way for pet lovers to actively spread the word about individual pets in local shelters who need homes,” said Dr. Pia Salk, human-animal bond expert and spokesperson for Adopt-a-Pet.com. “Using the power of tools like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and email, anyone can help save a life with just a few clicks of a mouse.”

Anyone who cares about homeless pets is invited to participate by taking the following simple actions:

  • Go to Adopt-a-Pet.com and search for a dog, cat, rabbit, or other animals (even horses and cows) in your local shelter
  • Choose the pet you want to help
  • Use the “share” tools on the pet’s page to add the pet’s photo and information to your MySpace page, Facebook profile, or Twitter feed, or email the adoptable pet to your friends, and encourage your friends to participate in the campaign.

“What better way to address the startling increase in pets being relinquished to shelters than to empower Internet users with a fun, easy way to actually save lives,” said Salk. “Social PETworking enables anyone who cares about pets, including those who are not able to adopt, to be advocates for these pets and for pet adoption overall.”

For more information on Adopt-a-Pet.com’s Social PETworking campaign, to enter the Purina contest, see an instructional video, and monitor the progress toward the 30,000-pet goal, please visit www.adoptapet.com.

About Adopt-a-Pet.com:
Adopt-a-Pet.com (formerly 1-800-Save-A-Pet.com) is North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website, helping over 7,000 animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies advertise their homeless pets to adopters for free. Adopt-a-Pet.com displays photos and descriptions of adoptable pets to over 1.5 million people seeking to adopt a pet each month, and is funded by the passionate pet lovers at Purina and North Shore Animal League America. Aside from being able to adopt a dog or adopt a cat, Adopt-a-Pet.com visitors may now also adopt a rabbit, horse, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, farm-type animals and other small pets.

So far, according to the Social Petworking Signup page at Adopt-a-Pet.com, 34,625 links have been shared. So I went and twittered a critter, too!


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  1. Turn Your Pet Into A Well Behaved Family Member on

    This is a brilliant idea, especially if you don’t have room for any more animals yourself. I know that dogs and cats featured in newspapers or on news shows always seem able to find good homes.

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