Learn Pet CPR/Heimlich Maneuver


CPR can assist your pet if breathing has stopped. The purpose of CPR is to keep oxygen moving to the lungs and blood circulating throughout the body. While these instructions may be good in an emergency, it is wise to check with your Vet to establish the procedure that is best for your dog/cat.

You can learn how to apply the Heimlich maneuver to perhaps save your pet if they are choking. The Heimlich Institute states “The Maneuver is administered in a similar manner as with children, taking care to place hands below the rib cage and pushing up on the abdomen with gentle thrusts. Do not press on the rib cage. Never put your fingers into a choking animal’s mouth. You may push the object further into the throat or be bitten. Signs to look for are difficulty breathing, pawing at the mouth, and blue lips and mouth. Toys with removable parts, rawhide chews, and chicken bones are just some of the objects which pose a choking hazard. Take the same safety precautions with pets as you would with a small child.”

This video shows a dog but would perhaps work with cats as well.


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  1. The first part you write that says check with your vet is perfect. I am a Paramedic and have done CPR on people thousands of times yet I am about to be enrolled in a Pet CPR course.

    These instructions are great, but there is simply no substitute for actually practicing it.

    After reading them I feel I could probably do pet CPR and that would be a start, but I couldn’t trust myself without actually practicing it a lot. 🙂

  2. Turn Your Pet Into A Well Behaved Family Member on

    Dogs can choke like anyone else. We’ve had a couple of scares with our dog, who gets overexcited and eats too quickly. Normally, she handles it herself, but it’s good to know what to do if she needed us.

  3. This article is very informative. This will give me a heads-up in case there comes a time that I will need to use this on my pup(hopefully this can’t happen) to give him oxygen. It is also illustrated well in the picture so that we would know where we can exactly place our wrists to pump air.

  4. The illustrator was able to make a good image of this CPR. For pet owners like me, this is really helpful so that I would be able to apply this one to my pet if ever there is a need for CPR.

  5. This article is very helpful. I know this might come in handy someday to save your pets in case your pets are out of breath. So that you can personally save them in case you can’t send them right away to the hospital. The illustration was great since it was very clear where you can place your hands and the whole procedure is very clear as well.

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