How To Make Trips To The Vet Easier (Infographic)


The kind folks over at Greyhounds As Pets (in Australia) sent us this infographic to share with our readers. Many perfectly happy dogs (and cats, for that matter) can become a basket of nerves as soon as you turn into the vet’s office. In fact, 75% of dogs show signs of stress before they even enter the waiting room in the vest office and nearly 40% know they’re going to the vet while they’re still in the car.

While that trip might be somewhat stressful for you, imagine what it’s like from your pet’s point of view – bombarded with a lot of unfamiliar sounds, smells, people, and other animals. Going to the vet can be such a scary experience for your dog, but there are things you can do to make it easier. There are a lot of stats and some great advice in this visual. Enjoy!

infographic with statistics and helpful advice for taking dogs to the vet


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