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We recently received a complimentary copy of “Classic Cuts” by Music My Pet. The CD is classical music that is specifically for animals to provide comfort and relieve anxiety. When we were asked to review the CD our first question was “What makes this CD better than a classical music CD we can pick up anywhere?” We were politely informed that this CD did not include the dramatic content that may occur in everyday classical music. That alone peaked our interest enough to want the opportunity to hear the CD!

Tom Nazziola, the president and creator of Music My Pet, is the talent and brains behind this remarkable CD. He personally edits, produces and performs all the music so that the dramatic sections are removed. The instruments used are known to calm pets such as the harp, piano, classical guitar, etc. Brass commonly used in classical music does not have a calming effect on your pets.

The first part of “Classic Cuts” contains a high frequency pitch only audible to your pet to catch their attention. Now if that isn’t brilliant we don’t know what is. And by the way it does make your pet take notice. The soothing
calming effect takes over within minutes.

With Music My Pet, the homework and research has been done beforehand to ensure that every note, from beginning to end, is calming. Additionally, we’ve beta-tested our products with hundreds of pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) to confirm that it works. Research is great but, as we all know, the real test is how pets actually respond….and they generally fall asleep within the first few minutes of listening.

The greatest test for the music was in the home of three Carin Terriers and a 6 month old Yoranian. Getting all four dogs to chillax at the same time is next to impossible. The only hope to coming close was to play with them outside for at least an hour. Get them good and wound up and keep them going with no rest in between. And if you were really lucky they all fell out together. Just to see if we could get them all settled down together without the ‘ritual’ we turned on the “Classic Cuts” CD and just like magic…four relaxed and soon sleeping dogs.

This CD is designed to help relieve our unconditional friends from anxiety or stress caused from separation, travel, thunderstorms, fireworks, injury recovery, being alone and new surroundings. Every animal shelter should incorporate the CD to help ease the transition into a new and sometimes overwhelming environment.

Music My Pet offers Classic Cuts, Mellow Mellodies and Holiday Treats in either CD or downloads. It would make a wonderful gift for your pet or your pet loving friends.

Not only did we tremendously enjoy listening to the music with our pets but we also experienced the calming effect together. Yes indeed it does work and we would highly recommend the “Classic Cuts” CD to any pet owner.

Here are a few more satisfied pet owners…..

“Music My Pet helps with my car sickness by helping me relax during those long road trips.” -Samantha, Springer Spanniel (9 mos)
“This CD is incredible and so soothing it not only calms my bird but it calms me too!” -Christopher DiNeno
“Music soothes the savage beast” -Tiger, Egyptian Mau (3 yrs)

Comfort your pet with the safe, natural, universal language of music.


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