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There’s a new dog park opening in Garden Grove, California. So for those of you living on the west coast, I’m including some details here. If you go, feel free to leave us a comment. If you have questions about the event, you’ll need to call (714) 741-5200.

WHAT: Garden Grove Park – Grand Opening

WHERE: 9301 Westminster Ave, Garden Grove, CA

WHEN: Valentine’s Day (Saturday, February 14th 2009) from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

garden grove dog park
They’ve lined up lots of entertainment for the grand opening. They’re planning pet contests and trivia (with prizes for the winners) along with special appearances from Soccer Collies, Woof Gang Fly Ball, Disc dog Demo, Dina the “Pet Finder” host from Animal Planet, Joel Silverman “Good Dog U” trainer, and much more making it a fun day for both two and four legged friends!

They’re also collecting donations of all types of pet food at the event, which will then be delivered to an Orange County food bank.

Garden Grove is asking the public for suggestions for a name for their new dog park. Make sure to visit the Garden Grove booth the day of the event and submit your idea and receive a free gift!!!


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  1. I am very excited to learn there is a dog park in GG. Could you please tell me exatly where you are located? Thank you. Rhoda

  2. Rhoda – This is the press release they sent me to help get the word out when the park first opened…
    I looked and found this though,

    “The new park is next to the Garden Grove Sports and Recreation Center at Garden Grove Park, at 9301 Westminster Avenue, off of Deodara Drive.”

    (Source: City of Garden Grove.)

    It sounds like a really great dog park – makes me wish I lived in sunny GG, too!

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