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Otis & Buka


What’s NOT to Love?

I’m finally getting a chance to review (in much more detail) some of the blogs we’ve been asked to take a look at! I’ve decided to simply start with the first request and work my way down the list as time permits. It takes us a long time to review a pets blog because we don’t just glance at it, we read the very first post and work our way through to the most recent update. It’s time consuming, but it’s fun.

I got lucky with this first one because it’s actually quite entertaining and I read the entire thing, in one sitting, early this morning. The Otis & Buka Blog chronicles the lives of, well, Otis and Buka, as well as Suzie and Jay (aka the Dog Rescuers) who once lived in an apartment in Jersey city until Benedict Buka and Otis formed an alliance with roaches that finally drove their owners to move to a virtual dog haven:

Buka and Otis arranged a deal with the head roach and granted them safe passage and probably even food if they terrorized us into fleeing. They told them our weaknesses, plotted against us in our time of need. We were duped. Out smarted by two seemingly dumb dogs who now live in the lap of canine luxury. They are never without a human to nap upon, a yard to run in, grass to chew, toys to shred, sticks to rearrange, and dog friends.

Suzie does all MOST of the writing, which figures, and while some posts are extremely short, all of them are entertaining or informative. The immediate family antics of Buka and Otis are sometimes enhanced by the larger, extended family of cousin dogs, which includes all 7 dogs in Suzie’s “small little sphere.” The other dogs in the family pack include Livvy, Wheezy, Elston, Ziggy, and Sammy… with Otis and Buka rounding out the 7.

This pets blog is relatively new, with the first post going back to February of this year where we learn one simple fact – that Otis and Buka rule, at least in Suzie’s world. That’s like the world’s shortest post I think. Jesus wept. is the English language’s shortest sentence and Otis and Buka rule. is the worlds shortest blog posting. Somehow it works and makes total sense as you continue reading through the rest of the blog posts. It is filed under the category “truisms” which I also find amusing.

Both Otis and Buka were rescued from shelters and now live the life of Riley with Jay and Suzie. Otis has got a great bio and I’d love to learn more about how they happened on Buka (not to mention where they came up with the name Buka)…

Otis of Otis & Buka

Otis is lovingly referred to as the king of the fatheads. You can see why. To learn more about him, Meet Otis, King of the Fatheads. It’s one of the best and most complete pet bios I’ve ever seen.
Apparently Otis also suffers (or causes suffrage) from some pretty intense gas and likes to sleep on furniture – which sounds like a dangerous combination to me (so Jay and Suzie must really love him).

Buka of Otis & Buka

It seems they had Buka first (or maybe Jay did) but she doesn’t have a revealing bio like Otis does. What’s most interesting is that they’ve had a DNA test done to see exactly what breeds make up the beauty of Buka. Turns out she’s part chow and schnauzer with pinches of lab and petit basset griffon thrown in (which I’d never even heard of before). I also had no idea you could get a DNA test done to find out what your mutt is made of.

More about the Blog…

Jay and Suzie have recently started a bit of advertising on the blog and are donating a portion of the money they receive from that to the Liberty Humane Society.

The newest feature of the Otis and Buka Blog is called Pit of the Week. To learn more about why Suzie has started the feature – you’ll just have to read Rescue Me, Dog Nab It! I’ll bet George appreciates the fact that Suzie, and Otis, like to peruse the pets of PetFinder. For a glimpse into the world of Otis and Buka, here’s a snippet from the lastest posting where Suzie and Otis are featuring the Pit of the Week…

George came to my attention when scrolling through PetFinder and being drawn in by his coy come hither eyes. Additionally, he is grayish, which as far as I am concerned is the new black. Otis disagrees with me on this one, but he can’t type, so I win.

I highly recommend The Otis & Buka Blog for quick, entertaining glimpses into the lives of a couple of lucky dogs (and their owners).

And thanks to Jay for recommending that I take a look at their dog blog!


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  1. God made this earth which is so beautiful especially human beings. These two pictures of Otis and Buka are also very beautiful. I look after a dog in my house like Otis and Buka, his name is shiv.

    Sam Martian

  2. Suzie – You knew I’d click over, didn’t you. And I’m so glad I did. It was as satisfying as I expected it to be…

    She is the Salinger of dogs, but without the drama
    … & …
    She is either the smartest dog I have ever met, or severely disabled, but I suppose genius is never straight forward.

    Well said, Suzie!
    En Buka Veritas

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