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People Who Don’t Like Dogs


“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself” -Josh Billings

I truly believe there is a physiological difference between people who don’t like dogs and those who do. There is also a big difference between “not wanting” and “hating” dogs.

I ran into someone today who hates dogs. So much so, she goes out of her way to look down her nose anytime one crosses her path. She bugs me. Come on, who hates dogs – all dogs – without exception?

People that do not want dogs are an okay group of folks. It may be that their lives do not allow time to properly care for a beloved companion. Others may have allergies, or a true fear of animals. Whatever the reason they choose to not own a dog is acceptable in my world.

It breaks my heart when someone who owns a dog but doesn’t treat them like a part of the family. They only provide the necessities and no companionship. Why then even have a dog? Dogs, like humans, need love and affection for their well being.

For a dog to be tied up or left in a pen outside with minimal contact is incomprehensible to me. If a person cannot be good to a creature, how are they going to be kind to a human being who is way more demanding than a pet could ever be?

Then there are the people who say they hate dogs. They really bother me! Hate is such a definite statement, I wish people would think twice before saying it. To say outright that you hate dogs, in my opinion, it is an insensitive statement from an ignorant and closed-minded person. Their opinions and attitudes are of a hostile nature, right up there with the “I hate this or I hate that” whatever else.

I am more of a dog person than a cat person, but to say I hate cats would never enter my mind. I don’t hate them, I would just rather not have one as a pet.

I feel like people who just “hate” dogs tend to be more wrapped up in themselves and emotionally incapable of any particular real depth of feelings or displaying of affection. If they are emotionally incapable, then how can they have any meaningful relationship?

A lot of the people I know who hate dogs, cats, or pets in general are also really picky about a lot of other things. We all know the persnickety anal types who would not stand to clean up a mess or ever get dirty. I don’t understand them and find them to be very cold-hearted individuals lacking any nurturing and loving instinct.

My grandmother always told me to beware of anyone that children and dogs do not like or trust. I have always found this to be an excellent measure of a person.

Now I feel much better for getting that off my chest!
I will admit that I am a little biased!


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Devoted pet owner and now, devoted pet editor, Judi worked in traditional offices, keeping the books and the day-to-day operations organized. Taking her dog to work every day for over a decade never seemed odd. Neither did having an office cat. She knows what it's like to train a new puppy and she's experienced the heartache of losing beloved companions. Retired, she currently lives with her spoiled dog and four chickens (who are, interestingly enough, also spoiled).


  1. Really great article — Hard to believe people don’t treat them well. After having a golden for 15 years, it is hard to imagine her not around!

  2. I have a neighbor who when every time I bring out my beagle she literally freaks out. It’s a beagle!!! She’s harmless. She told me last week she hated dogs. I asked her why and she said because you had to feed them, and clean up after them, etc. The funny part is she has 2 kids under the age of 4. Hahahaa. I’m so confused.

    There are certain pets that I would rather not have as well, but I don’t hate them. Hate is a strong word. I have had fish to rats, and snakes birds and everything in-between. they have all taught em something in a very unique way.

      • I think dressing your pet up for Halloween is a fun thing to do. Do not believe it’s cruel if you keep in mind the comfort of your pet above the “looks” of the costume.

  3. I always thought I was a dog person or at least thats what I told people. Then I got cats because my mom wouldn’t let us have a dog. I’m not willing to admit I’m a cat person. but I LOVE dogs still & am able to enjoy being around them through my pet sitting. I can’t imagine my life with out my 2 kitties! But here are those gorgeous sunny days that I want to go for a walk or a long car ride & thats when I love dogs! I’ll borrow one of my clients dogs or my sisters & take them for a walk or for a car ride. there is no such thing as a bad dog – there are only bad owners & I’m a firm believer in it! A lot has to do with how people were raised on how they relate to animals.

  4. I agree that it is hard to understand people who go out of their way to own a dog and then pretty soon start to mistreat them. I guess they might be the kind of individuals who have fads for a while and then get fed up and move on to something else. Unfortunately pets need a commitment for their life time and a dog owner needs to realise this at the start.

    • You are correct, I once thought that to be nonsense . OK,, don’t like dogs so what… Stay away from people who hate dogs for no reason other than what their old world culture taught them . Stay away ,far away

  5. I don’t like dogs, but that doesn’t make me a bad person.
    i prefer cats. i find dogs scary and annoying and i hate win they jump up at you.
    I have also been bitten by dogs as well.

    i think some of you people need to grow up

  6. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I “hate” dogs, but I certainly do not prefer them. Really, I think I am more annoyed with problem owners than with problem dogs. You know – being dirty, loud, smelly and ill-behaved isn’t really the dog’s fault after all, and clean well-behaved dogs are just fine with me (at a distance). But really, there is not that much I find appealing in a dog. I understand that they may be useful to guard property or as an aide for a disabled person, and of course they deserve to be well cared for – but I probably will never own one. This does not make me a selfish, insensitive or emotionally shallow person. I think is is arrogant and presumptuous for anyone to jump to those conclusions about someone they do not know. I just think I enjoy the company of fish, birds and cats more – that’s all.

    • Hear hear, well said! I’m not a dog person either but wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate them but I certainly wouldn’t own one either. Why is it so hard for dog lovers to see that not everyone loves or has to own one if they possibly can? Talk about blind!

      As for bad owners, they’re the worst: the dog barks day and night, the backyard has piles of poop the grass has dead patches everywhere the doors have their paintwork scratched off due to dog pawing the carpets have paths worn through them and the house stinks of dog! Urgh!

  7. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having dogs…I think they can make great pets. But I’m not a dog person, and I don’t think anyone has the right to tell me I’m a “bad person” because I don’t like dogs. Just because I don’t like being slobbered on, the dog smell, cleaning up feces and urine in my house, and picking hair out of my food doesn’t make me selfish.

    My mom is scared of cats, and I know many people who aren’t fond of cats. So I wouldn’t be shocked or offended if they didn’t want my (IMHO) precious kitty on their lap when they come to visit. Why can’t it be the same with a dog sniffing my crotch or slobbering on me?

  8. I don’t like dogs….it’s true. I think they can be so cute and very helpful. I respect them but I just don’t like them. I have never liked that about myself and I have tried to change. But I feel fake when I try hard to like them. We have a dog, and he is a nice little thing. I do care about his wellbeing but I would not have him if it were not for the kids. I am the one who makes sure he has food, water and I don’t like him to be outside in the cold or rain. I mean I am not cruel. I am the one who cares for him when his back goes out…and it is ALOT of work. But I really can’t stand to see him suffer. So when it’s important I am involved, otherwise I don’t want a relationship with dogs. Now there was one dog I did love. She was so mellow, sweet, independent and just easy to be around. I was very sad when she died.

    I am the only one it my family, including extended family, who doesn’t like dogs. Maybe it’s a disorder? I don’t know but I almost loathe them and it makes me feel terrible about myself. I don’t like the smell, the barking, the licking, begging, the costs, panting, jumping, seeing their genitals (I know, weird)….but they repel me. I also don’t like them in places where I get food, I find that just gross. I don’t like to be expected to like dogs either. I already am hard enough on myself about it. What is really odd is they LOVE me! I don’t know why either. I respect other people’s choices to have dogs, but not when they force them into my space.

    Was it something in my childhood? Hard to say! I lived around constant barking so that could be why I hate barking. We had alot of animals so much of my free time was spent caring for them. Maybe I resented that…I don’t know. I have been told I must be a cold person. NOT TRUE! You show me a child or any human I know in need, and even many I don’t know and I am the first to help! I do fundraisers, collect donations, sell my own things to donate the money to people. So it’s not that I am uncaring. I am a great mother too. Very supportive and loving. So why? Maybe a form of mild narassasim? Not sure. I wish I could be more like you dog lovers and find enjoyment in them.

  9. You have every right to express opinions about the love of dogs and its opposite. However, it is amusing to read your smug, self-assured analysis of “dog-haters”, based on nothing in particular. You must be so cosy, wrapped in your little world view and supported by others who think generally as you do. Very cosy indeed. Very warmhearted. Not at all anal, except about people who don’t like dogs, of course. But there is a whole world beyond your experience, and one of the pleasures of growing up is becoming aware of the opinions and experiences of people who are not yourself. Have a lovely day.

  10. To Suz… I feel exactly the same way you do about them. And I quess I actually came to this website to see if others felt like me. People will look at me discustingly so if I mention I don’t care for dogs. It’s like they think were from a Bad Bad planet.
    I’m so sick of it. Sick of you Dog owners who think its ok that Rover shits on my lawn and pees/eats on my flowers. I had a neighbor who let her dog walk up to near our front door to take a shit. As I walked out the door she was picking up the shit. Must you have your dog take a shit on my walkway near my front door, I ask why?? What gives you the idea that this is ok to do. Why don’t you save it for your own front door decoration. This is the type of crap that pushes “don’t care for” to “can’t stand” dogs period.
    I know it’s you owners who are at fault. This is the most frustrating thing about it all. You have no regard for others. You just don’t care. Sometimes I think dog lovers are lost in the world of dog love because your dog makes you feel like your the most important person in the world…always wanting your attention, licking, waddling, barking, jumping, leaning, starring, looking at your every move. You crave this type of idolization. And the best part about the dog is that (unlike human counterparts) you don’t have to be nice to it to get the love/attention they provide.
    Kick them in the nuts and they will come back licking your face off because you are just the most high in all the world…. could there be just a little something wrong in the head with you freakish dog lovers. I’m really sorry I don’t mean to be mean to anyone but it gets ridiculous. I can go on and on but thank god I think I can stop now.

    • You come to a pet blog to see if there are others who don’t like animals?!? Where is the logic in that? That’s like saying I don’t like motorbikes, and going to a Harley blog – totally nonsensical.
      You know what bothers me about people like you, Noel? It’s your general tone when you communicate your dislike or hatred. It’s oozing out of this post.
      I am an animal lover – I don’t differentiate between dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, etc. They were all part of my life at one point. My dog is a gentle, loving soul, who recently saved my house and possibly my life, when an electrical circuit burned out and started smoldering. His barking alerted me, and allowed me to intervene and call the fire department.
      Also, every person I have ever met (I’m not counting people I passed on the street) who did not like animals turned out to be somehow strange and unpleasant: from my childhood neighbour who has been through 6 marriages and more than a dozen relationships (don’t tell me she has bad luck – I’ve known her for 25 years, and she is an egomaniac unable to love anybody other than herself) to a former co-worker who is serving a five-year jail sentence for theft, money laundering, bribery, and all kinds of lovely things.
      I am not saying that every person who does not like animals is like that, but every single one that I have personally met turned out to be somebody I want nothing to do with for a range of other reasons.
      I also trust an animal’s judgement of a person’s character. My aunt has a B&B in the Lothians (Scotland), and she has two lovely dogs: a border collie and a mix. Her house does not smell; it is perfectly clean; the dogs are very well-behaved; and all guests are told at least three times that the B&B has dogs. People who don’t like that should stay away. Nobody is forcing them to come. There are other options. Last year, my aunt’s dogs did not like a couple, and were very mistrustful of them. The couple also seemed to be wary of the dogs. After their arrival, a well-liked and well-known (he’s been coming there for years) guest reported missing money and a cheque book that had disappeared. Well, it turned out they were breaking into other guests’ rooms and stealing from them. She called the police, and a search of their room also found stolen jewellery (including a ruby brooch taken from my aunt that had belonged to my great grandmother) and other valuable items.

  11. I don’t mind dogs as long as they know there place. I think that it’s sadly pathetic that some people think that a dog is equal to a person. THEY ARE ANIMALS. People who are so in love with there dogs I’m afraid it’s because they can’t have a meaningful relationship with a human and are quite guarded and unsociable. I can’t understand people who put up with the mess and smell a dog makes in your home, for the love of having a dog. crazy. I know someone who lets there Labrador sleep in there bed with them, the bed is matted in hair and everything else in the house for that matter. And she’s never bathed. disgusting. They shouldn’t be allowed to lie on sofas ect. sorry…just how i feel about it all.

  12. Your Grandmother was right. Dogs have a great instinct when it comes to people. I’ve had more than one dog in my life who tried to warn me about someone. Of course I just brushed the dogs warning off at first. Low and behold later on the dogs instincts were right. The people, so called friends, turned out to be back stabbers. My advice, listen to your dog they always get it right. A dog really is “Mans best friend!”

  13. I have to say, i really dislike having dogs or other animals around. It makes me uncomfortable because I never know how they are going to react or how I can show them that I am completely harmless. The truth is I am kind of scared of them. I don’t ‘hate’ dogs but I find badly trained or poorly kept dogs a nightmare and I suppose you could say I hate (bad) dog owners.
    I don’t agree with the idea that dogs know when someone is ‘bad’ I think that is a perception you add with hindsight. you read it in to your dogs behaviour. having said that I have never owned a dog and so perhaps I am really missing out on some serious bullet dodging!
    People shouldn’t be allowed dogs unless they are fit to keep them. it’s like adopting a child: not to be taken lightly.

  14. I agree w/Suz. I have 4 boys and an ex who HAD to have hunting dogs. I had an indoor dog (several times)that didn’t shed, but always gave them away to good people when no one took care of it. I never wanted them to feel hurt or sad, but didn’t want a relationship with them either no matter how hard I tried. I now live with a person w/ 2 dogs and a cat and I have a hard time listening to all the talk about them. I just don’t really care and don’t believe she understands them as much as she thinks she does. They aren’t people no matter how sure she is of exactly what they’re thing, etc. She can’t afford the maintenance and food and yet she keeps them now that her income has plummeted. I’d rather have my freedom. Always have and always will. I’m extremely relationship oriented….to a fault…with PEOPLE. I’m absolutely incapable of relating to or desiring a relationship with any animal. Tried and tried but now accept it, grateful for others who are the same. So please, you animal lovers, don’t think you’re making a dent in me….let me be and don’t feel bad if I don’t really care to listen to your stories or care about your pet like you do. It doesn’t do any good.

  15. Turn Your Pet Into A Well Behaved Family Member on

    I think most people who say they “hate” dogs have probably had a bad experience, often as a child. I have a neighbor who owns three dogs, but is afraid of our little 15-pound black mutt because of how she looks.

  16. I can’t imagine not having animals in my life. True, my pets of choice are cats and not dogs, but I get plenty of interaction with dogs when I go out into the community to visit my clients. I have seen the love of an animal make such a difference to someone who is ill…I have a hard time understanding those who fail to open their hearts to cats, dogs, and other animal companions.

    Debra Stang
    Author of HOSPICE TAILS

  17. Many dogs disturb me very much, because I don’t like the way the encroach on my space and breathe on my face. There are many dogs I find very cute and I want to cuddle and play with them.
    I don’t like obnoxious, drooling, space encroaching type of dog.
    I do like the well behaved, clean, respectful type of dog.
    See the difference?
    Most people who “hate” dogs have had too many experiences with overly hyper, poorly trained dogs that jump on them and slobber in their face. You say that these people are coldhearted??!!! They just have no tolerance for saliva on their freaking faces! This is a perfectly normal and healthy trait!
    I can’t even begin to understand how extreme dog people can tolerate an obnoxiously playful dog that they don’t know very well all up in their face. It is human nature to desire a “personal space” that only loved ones may enter. If I’m at my neighbor’s house with a dog that I don’t “love”, then why should I let it anywhere near my bubble?
    I like cats a lot better because they are much more respectful of personal space, yet are very receptive to warm (not COLDHEARTED) love. I don’t envision a cloud of drool and dirty hair emanating from them.

    As for:

    “I feel the individuals who aren’t into dogs are more wrapped up in themselves and emotionally incapable of any particular real depth of feelings or displaying affection”

    I hope you’re referring to people who ignorantly “hate” dogs and not to me, who chooses not to associate with them because they annoy me. If not, well I have terrible things to say but I will refrain from using this forum. I have excellent, passionate, caring relationships with both my soulmate and my cat. Get your dog out of my face, though, because I don’t love it.

  18. “I feel the individuals who aren’t into dogs are more wrapped up in themselves and emotionally incapable of any particular real depth of feelings or displaying affection. If one has that trait how then can they have any meaningful relationship?”
    Hahahahaha, if that’s the way you dog owners feel then I refuse to start a relationship with someone that thinks like that. You don’t even give us dog dislikers a chance. I have a perfectly good reasons for disliking dogs.

    1. They poop on sidewalks. I know it’s the owner’s fault that they didn’t pick it up but it goes to show you that dogs will poop anywhere.

    2. Dogs drool.

    3. Dogs eat other animal’s poop.

    4. Dogs lick people.

    I had a dog for 15 years, and she did all of these things and didn’t listen to a damn word I said. And she nearly killed my Canadian goose. I can’t say I felt anything when she died.

  19. My family has been so lucky to have a dog and we will be forever thankful to have one because it saved our lives. One rainy night, our dog barked so hard which alerted us that someone was outside. The “someone” had bad intentions and open fired on our house (which is in a rural area). Because of the warning from our dog, we were able to hide from the bullets.

  20. Ok, so I’m a person who ‘doesn’t like dogs’. I don’t hate them, I just don’t have any time for them, they don’t interest me. I’m not a cold hearted person by any means though. I am still capable of loving animals in general though. I have 2 pet rats, a tarantula and I’m absolutely fanatical about horses (although never been able to afford one as a pet). It’s just down to preference at the end of the day. Some people are dog people and thats fine if it makes them happy, and some people (like myself) are just into other animals as pets. I wouldn’t hate on anyone who didn’t understand my bond with my choice of pets, they just might not be compatible with them and thats totally acceptable. But to try and label a person into a ‘cold-hearted, unloving type’ just because they aren’t head over heels in love with a certain animal is harsh. Sorry, but thats just my point of view.

  21. People who hate dogs, hum ~ quite a profound statement. And one that I myself have been pondering for awhile. As I live in a apt complex of many who fit this category. Even though this is a pet friendly complex I fail to see the (friendly) part. There are many a day when I walk my two Cocker Spaniels and someone will scream and throw their arms in the air as if a pet rat just zipped by. Then I have those as I walk past that comment, I don”t like dogs. Finding this very peculiar behavior. The only thing I can figure is these types of people never grew up with an animal around them as a child, dog or otherwise. Or they at some point have been bitten by a animal, or had one jump, chase, or attack them at some point or maybe even witnessed it happen to someone else. Whatever the case I’m sure the person issue with animals is only a small part of their personality. I would like to think that they still are sensitive, caring, and have plenty of good qualities about them. They just have other areas and ways to show this. You never know whats going on inside someone elses mind. Especially that of a stranger. After all it’s been said ” Be kind to others, we’re all fighting some sort of battle.”

  22. “I feel the individuals who aren’t into dogs are more wrapped up in themselves and emotionally incapable of any particular real depth of feelings or displaying affection. If one has that trait how then can they have any meaningful relationship?”

    Wow, such a typical statement from a dog lover. So anyone who aren’t dogs are incapable of caring for anything? What if they’re into cats, bunnies, hamsters, horses, etc. but still detest dogs? They’re not the only animal that exists in this world, and not everyone is going to think they’re the greatest ones either. People can’t have meaningful relationships because they don’t like dogs? I won’t comment on how idiotic that sounds. I find it funny that you find people who hate dogs ignorant, close-minded, and hostile. But I can definitely say the same thing for dog lovers, especially with this post that you made. They get so offended when you tell them that you’re not a fan of dogs. They need to just get over themselves. It’s pretty sad that you measure a person by how much they like dogs. It seems that to me, you’re not exactly open-minded yourself. But rather, you’re too enclosed in your dog loving world to see that.

    • Luna » It was definitely an emotional post that’s gotten lots of attention. In retrospect, maybe I could have substituted the word “pets” for the word “dogs” because I was thinking of the people I’ve met in life who would rather hit a dog (or cat or bird or cow or turtle or . . . ) standing in the road than be late; not those who happen to prefer cats (or whatever animal happens to capture the heartstrings) over dogs. Thanks for leaving your opposing opinion, we’re happy that you were moved enough to comment.

    • Spot on. Very good comment which pretty much sums up my own thoughts – ie. each to their own, and for what it’s worth, I don’t like dogs as I don’t find them particularly hygenic, and are too demanding. In addition, their owners are, in the majority of cases, irresponsible and selfish when it comes to (a) not picking up the dog’s faeces, and (b) not being able to control their pet when in public, ie. when in open spaces and/or coming into contact with other members of the public. In this, it has been my experience, that dog owners in the main, assume that ‘everybody’ likes dogs but this is simply not the case. Many do for sure but some don’t, a situation which dog owners really do need to accept. For what it’s worth, my preference would be to have a cat since I appreciate the independence a cat offers in which you may see it once, twice a day or for most of the day. Whereas a dog is unable to do anything on its own, being completely reliant on its owner for exercise and attention etc.

      So are people who don’t like dogs bad, evil, unemotional? No, certainly not. It just comes down to a personal preference. Some people like eating fish, others don’t. Some people like watching movies, others don’t. Some people like dogs, others do not.

  23. about dogs and cat i hate them they shit every where bark all the time bit liitle kids there assholes like there owner people who love pets sleep with them so on are nothing with out a pet by there side they think there the shit ok they are .dogs and cat belong out side not in your home .you love them so much why becouse you caint love a person and are they want put up with your shit its like that .ever person i hnow who has a pet say .the same thing o i love them there family your crazy and your thought are crazy live with that.there pets thats all get over it not ever one love thing that hurt you .

  24. I AM a dog owner, and I find I like dogs and other dog owners less all the time. Every other house around me has a dog and alot of the neighbors throw their dog out back like a sack of potatoes where the miserable dog howls and barks incessantly for hours. Many of them refuse to leash their animals; which then attack my very submissive collie on sight. There are always loose dogs in the neighborhood; last monday one chased me home from the mailbox. I’m sick and tired of irresponsible dog owners. A dog is not what I would consider a LOW maintenance animal. If you’re not willing to make the commitment to exercise the dog every day, for ten to twenty years, in all weather and no matter how you feel you shouldn’t have a dog. I also hold nothing against people who don’t like dogs. Dogs gererally are smelly and filthy; many are dangerously aggressive (which their owners seem very good at ignoring). Also, many people do not and will not properly socialize, train, and control their animal. If your dog is running loose threatening people, jumping on their kids and making a nuisance of itself that is YOUR fault as the owner and YOU contribute to the dog hating phenomenon.

  25. Many dog lovers show a total lack of regard for the safety, rights, of human beings. They let their animals run loose. When their mutts bite, they run away; instead of taking responsibility (providing proof of rabies shots, paying the person’s medical bills, euthanizing their unsafe animal). They let their animals bark at night, instead of muzzling them. or having their vocal cords removed. they abandon their animals; to become a menace and nuisance to people. They refuse to clean up their animals’ filth. So what if sidewalks, parks, lawns, vegetable gardens, beaches, playgrounds, sandboxes, graves, headstones, lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, water sources are soiled by their filthy animals. they keep viscious breeds, like pitbulls and Rottweilers. Every year, dog bites cost the health care system about$100,000,000 a year. Many, far too many, people are killed, or maimed for life, by their viscious animals. If they devoted half of the time and money they squander on their filthy, viscious, fat, lazy, useless shit factories on their fellow human beings, how much better the world would be!

  26. I can’t stand dogs and think it is ridiculous that you state that I must not be a loving or caring person–well I’ve been married for 45 years–I have been able to maintain that relationship a lot longer than most and my five grandchildren seem to think I am a loving person. I think that most animal lovers are total neurotics–they actually delude themselves into thinking their animals love them–how stupid can you be. An animal will “love” any person who treats it kindly and feeds it. I never bark at dogs, slobber all over them, sniff their genitals nor simulate having sex on their legs but owners have allowed they their pets to do this to me and they think it’s amusing. I find them and their animals disgusting.

  27. I just stumbled across this forum recently, even though it’s old. I strongly disagree with you. If a person hates (yes, hates, not dislikes) dogs that does not make them coldhearted or unloving. In my opinion, the only people we HAVE to love are human beings. Now I’m not saying you should be mean to animals or abuse them in any way, because that would be coldhearted. But you don’t have to love dogs if you don’t want to, and you shouldn’t be judged good or bad based on that.
    I can understand thinking a person is coldhearted and evil if they ABUSED an animal, but just hating them is a right people have if they wish. People shouldn’t be OBLIGED to love animals, only humans. And I agree, if you can’t care for an animal don’t get it. But just because you don’t love an annoying dog doesn’t mean you won’t be compassionate towards people. I STRONGLY prefer the company of people over any animals. Not that I hate animals, only dogs. But if I did hate animals, I would have a right to without being outcast and judged and attacked.
    Now I will tell you that I genuinely hate dogs. I love cats, but I HATE dogs. I am not afraid of them. I have never had a really bad experience with one. I just hate them. Period. And if you think that makes me a bad person, you’ve only got yourself to blame. By hating dogs, I haven’t done anything wrong. I haven’t hurt anyone by hating them. I would NEVER abuse an animal, but I avoid them at all costs. However, I have very loving, warm, and caring relationships with human beings. I love kids, I love people. I love animals. I just hate dogs. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t think so.
    By the way, as for that thing you said about dogs having good character judgment about people, that is not true. It is in partial, but just because a dog doesn’t like a certain person doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good person. Just about every dog that sees me gets nervous around me. And you know why? A dog can sense when you don’t like them. That’s it. They can’t tell if you’re a good or a bad person. They can just sense when you don’t like them. Period. End of discussion. A person doesn’t have to like dogs in order to have caring relationships with people, and the dog lovers who think that are extremely closed-minded.
    Why would you call dog-haters closed-minded? Just because they have an opinion that is different from yours? It makes me furious beyond words that you are so intolerant. This is why I dislike inconsiderate dog people like you. Did it EVER cross your mind that some people just don’t like dogs? It seems you have a mindset in which you EXPECT everyone to like dogs automatically. People have a right to a thing called opinion. And for those people who won’t let non-dog lovers in your house, really? Do you care more about your “fur kids” than you do about real children and human beings? THAT RIGHT THERE is a sign of a bad person. People who don’t accomodate their homes for people who don’t like dogs make me sick. How can you care about an animal so much in that you’d be willing to close off relationships with other people just because their opinions are different from yours? I love cats, and I have three of them. They go inside and outside. Unlike some very rude pet owners, I accomodate my house for my loved ones. I have some friends and family that do not like/are allergic to cats. That’s fine! I put the cats outside everytime someone’s over unless someone requests by mouth to see them. I put my non-furry friends over my furry ones. And if that’s what everyone did, the world would be a much better place. If someone were to say to me, “I hate cats,” then I would say, “Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll put them out,” not “Don’t like my cats? Don’t come in my house.” I cannot STAND people like that. They are the ones who are cold and inconsiderate.
    A lot of people are brought up automatically expecting everyone they meet to love and welcome their pets with open arms. Often times dogs are portrayed by the media as “universal pals” that everyone loves. But I was raised to have respect for people, and I know there are a lot of people out there who do not love or even like pets. Big whoop. Opinions, everyone’s got one. And everyone should be respectful of other people’s opinions.
    I would never be disrespectful to a dog owner, but if their dog was bothering me I would tell them to kindly take it away or put it somewhere else. I cannot tell you how many times I have been kicked out of peoples’ houses for saying that. The only reason I am so angry right now is because whoever wrote this article obviously does not have any consideration for people and their different opinions. It’s sad, really.

    • Talk about double standards! Why am I obliged to love a person? People are also animals – we just happen to be at the top of the food chain right now, but that could change again in the future. It wasn’t always the case in the past, you know? Humans have only been around for a short amount of time, and the way things are going we are causing our own extinction.
      Hate is a strong word, and you should really consider its meaning and impact.
      Also, why should I accommodate my house for people who don’t like animals? You do not get to determine how I live! You have no automatic right to enter my house and you certainly do not have the right to tell me what I can and cannot have inside my own home – THAT is truly DISRESPECTFUL.
      I have no reason to visit you since I do not know you, but I would never dare to ask you to remove your cats. I like cats, but even if I didn’t – it’s your house, and your rules. As a guest, you abide by your host’s rules. If you don’t like the rules, you don’t have to come. Full stop. End of story.

  28. For me I personally really really dislike dogs. I know ppl love their dogs. But they need to take care of them better. That said i probably probably wouldnt be a dog hater because of it. Let me explain the reason i hate dogs. Picture this in your mind. Its a Hot Humid summer day. Your a Telephone tech or TV tech, you climb poles in rural neighborhood with an extension ladder all day. Almost every week you have to walk through some yard full of random piles of dog poo. Well you step in it unknowingly, set your ladder against the pole climb up spend an hour working in the hot sun. Sweat pouring off your brow taking your hand wiping the sweat off. Your Done and climb down the ladder you realize you stepped in that dog poo and not you absolutly have to put you hands in dog poo because your life depends on it. You also no water, no bathroom. After loading the ladder your sweat covered again you have forgotten your hands were all in dog poo, and you wipe your brow with you hands again, oh no, now you have dog poo runnin all down your face in your eyes……

  29. I completely agree with your blog. Seems like a lot of divas and people who can’t stand to get a little dirty…very finicky and OCD type personalities don’t like animals. It annoys me. I could never marry someone like that. I find that many passionate, outgoing and humourous people own dogs. The more casual friendly outgoing types who go camping, hiking,etc…are more adventurous and intune with nature. Also people who have animals and children are unselfish. They don’t mind caring for others and fulfilling others needs before theirs. Then there’s those who care more about their hair, clothes or gel nails or would rather spend more time at salons and shopping malls than at a park with their dog. They shoo away animals for fear of getting drool or a bit of fur on them. Just different personality types. I do believe that animal lovers are more sensitive and passionate people.

    • Thats…the most ridiculous thing I have read so far.

      Claiming dog lovers are better people than others is a completely obnoxious statement.

      I dont personally care for dogs…I certainly do not judge their owners, though Ive come into contact with a multitude of poor owners. Does that make all dog owners stupid? No, such a fleeting comment wwuld be rude, and small minded. Just like claiming all peopel who do not like animals are not as out going.

      You want to know why some people do not like being near dogs? Because of people with your attitude. You think being an animal lover puts you on a pedastool, and you are better than others and that entitles you and your dog to behave in any way which pleases you…which is simply not true. Stick to loving your dog and training it better, and stop judging others, just because some one does not share your tastes does not have any bearing on their personality.

  30. I don’t like dogs…. Really I can’t stand them , and there was a few statements you made i don’t agree withy children are my world life and everything I believe you take care of your kids clean there dirty diapers etc which has no bother to me. But a dog…… Uh no thanks leave those animals outside to clean up after themselves it’s completely disgusting! People who treat a dog like a human letting it live in their home sleep In there bed etc I will never understand and I think they have some mental issues! My husband loves dogs we have two but outside he gives them attention and I just make sure the annoying stinky things have food and water. Now although I don’t give them much attention I am not cruel to them and don’t agree with animal abuse etc etc but our dogs will never be treated like a human!!! Theyre dogs for goodness sakes the way y’all talk about them and how much you love them and no body can love u more then ur dog uhhhh Okkk I say that about my children!

  31. I love my dog more than anything and i have alot of friends, I choose not to have a relationship with anyone. My dog has been there for me no matter what, and my dog does sleep with me he is a small dog. I keep him bathed and very clean but I do love him very much. He is my lil world.

  32. I don't like dogs on

    I am one of these cold hearted dog haters you speak of 🙂
    I have had pets before and I can honestly tell you that I don’t understand why people have them.
    People just let their animals poop pee and vomit all over the floor (I have seen some dog owners not clean it up for weeks and never sanitize afterwards), let them climb up in your bed and sleep with you(increased chance of catching THE BUBONIC PLAGUE!), let them all over your furniture and then have the gall to tell me your furniture is clean! Have you seen your animal? It’s poopy butthole is on there! It’s dripping genitals are on there! At least humans wear underwear and pants!! They’re disgusting little creatures lower on the foodchain. They are annoying, you are always letting them bark and run around my yard, also when you are walking your precious little pup you let it shit in my yard instead of your own!
    one time I went to a dog owners house and she tried to get me to clean her dogs shit off the floor… wtf! and yes I do have small children in my house, but the house is for humans not animals. Animals are meant for OUTSIDE… can they build homes? no. Can they eventually clean up after themselves? no.(well unless you count the fact that they eat their shit and other dogs shit). Dogs are incredibly stupid. It’s not just dogs either it is all animals they are smelly vile creatures.

  33. This turned out to be a lot less inflammatory than other articles that ponder upon people who don’t like dogs. I like dogs but am no longer sure if I have the ability or desire to take care of one. There was just one thing that irked me. Even though this article was posted more than 2 years ago, I got annoyed by this line: “…more wrapped up in themselves and emotionally incapable of any particular real depth of feelings or displaying affection.” Why do so many people think not liking dogs makes you bad? It even influenced the way I thought for a while.

    As a kid, I was obsessed with dogs. It’s still natural for me to see a dog and immediately try to figure out what breed it is. And I do like talking to people about dogs. But somewhere when I was 12, I stopped loving them for some reason…I said I loved them (even on an anti-dog site–a rather bad idea!) but I think now that is directed toward loving to learn about them. I still like them, no question. For some reason it’s just not as strong as before, except for certain breeds. I think a lot of it has to do with the way dogs are treated in much of the world. Dogs are increasingly being elevated to a very high spot in human society. People who don’t like them get incredibly judged. Yet if they say they hate any other animal it’s OK. I think that, my knowledge of dog breeds, and the damn mantra of “Rats are disgusting and I hate cats” made me feel obligated to say I love dogs, as though suddenly just liking them would turn me into some sort of leper. You can’t use the things dogs do for us to sway my opinion. Horses alone have provided: transportation, drafting, plowing, faster herding, faster and more efficient hunting for our ancestors, therapy, sometimes even meat and hides. Generally speaking, people don’t go around demanding horses get treated better than most humans, and acting like no one can question horses’ role in society. It’s my personal opinion that people who worship dogs are the most hostile of all pet Nazis. When really looking at it, most dogs do not perform work. They are pets, often badly handled ones; given poor living conditions because their owner is lazy, or didn’t do research to find out which breeds are best for them. They go by appearance or reputation, and a lot of them don’t seem to know why they have dogs. If not an ego booster–“Hey, this dog really seems to like me, SO THERE stupid people, I’m a god!”–it’s almost like it’s seen as the “thing to do”, at least in America, and not having one is somehow a sign that you’re a miserable grouch who’s lazy and has no emotions. Yet so many dog owners don’t know how to create basic civility for their neighbors. No serious training sessions; paying attention to the dog when it barks, or not trying to get it to stop; not picking up their dog’s poop; etc.

    Over the past month my view on dogs has dramatically changed. Don’t get me wrong, I still like them, but I’m beginning to feel the frustration of people who have never been fans of them. In the beginning, I was just upset because people who worship dogs don’t respect other animals. Now I want to create a video asking people who worship dogs to calm down for other reasons, but am terrified of the backlash. If these people listened more, they’d find a lot of the negativity stems from the godlike status people are giving dogs, and how much entitlement it makes them feel. It’s also insulting to have it drilled into our heads that people who don’t like dogs are bad, or that if a dog doesn’t like them they are bad for sure. Two of my friends are NOT dog people. One of them is practically a magnet for dogs that become suddenly hostile. She ain’t a bad person to me.

    I don’t mean for this to be a personal attack. You were more civil than other people who criticize non-dog-fans. I just think there’s a long way to go before we can find a good medium between people who like and don’t like dogs.

  34. To those that dislike us dog lovers treating them like ‘people’: you are right, they are not people. They are BETTER than people. I loved my parents so much and was very, very close to them. When they passed away I mourned and cried, it was ten years ago, and I’m still not over it. Recently, I lost my beloved Tramp after ten years. A shepherd, poodle mix – like a Dr. Seuss character. I have to say, no matter how much you love a person, after they are gone there will at some point be a negative memory that seeps into your head about them. You can’t help it, because it’s in your memory bank. People are not perfect. There will always be a moment that you will remember that will not be nice. Then you feel ‘guilty’ for having the memory, because now they’re gone and you loved the dearly. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s human nature. With that said, after ten years with Tramp, I can truly and honestly say that there will never be a negative memory coming into my head about that dog. Because it doesn’t exist! So from my own PERSONAL perspective, dogs are not like people, they’re better. If you don’t feel that way, I don’t have a problem with that – everyone is different, and I would never judge you for not feeling the way I do. So don’t judge me and those like me when we talk about how much we love our dogs.

  35. I don’t want to harm any creature on earth. However I do not want to own one, either. I sometimes have to go into people’s homes, or offices, that have dogs. These people will tell me that I will “love” their dog even if I don’t care for others. That is not true. I do not like dogs jumping on me, licking me, the way their fur feels, or their foul breath in my face. These dogs obviously do not perceive me as a threat and want to be all over me. I ask people that want me to be there for work to please make sure their animals are not all over me so I can complete my task and be on my way. I stay in a hotel when visiting people who own dogs because I have had one of them get into the bed with me while I was sleeping.

    The worst part is when dog owners INSIST that I touch their dog. I don’t want and I am not going to do so. I do my best to simply ignore the animals and do what I am there to do and leave.

    People say they like honesty but I disagree.

  36. I have an outside dog that was my son’s before he left for college. I don’t want to do the extra work required for having a dog inside. I’m an early childhood educator, so I’m not lacking in patience or compassion, but I don’t like being licked or cleaning up after pet accidents. I don’t dislike dogs. I dislike people who think that I’m a lesser human being because I don’t choose to have my dog live inside my house.

  37. Dogs are no more annoying, scary, dirty, smelly, stupid, clingy, needy than most of the kids in this country. I’ll take a dog over an ungrateful brat ANY day.

  38. The Oddone on

    Well, problem is that many psychopaths like dogs. Cruel hunters like dogs. And most people who like dogs don’t like other animals, except perhaps for cats (and even that not true most of the times) and sometimes don’t even like nature. Unlike wild animals, dog is much less animal and much more human designed product-with all bad things that come with that. I don’t hate them all, but I do hate some of them, and justly so. There are not other pets that can really damage or even kill people but are being walked on the street, sometimes unleashed.

    Dog doesn’t love you more than you love yourself, but I agree that someone who wants a minion rather than real animal tend to see it this way (well, it have nothing to do with that, learn some zoology, it still applies even to dogs, partly).

    If there is physiological difference between people who like dogs, those who don’t want them and those who hate them?

    Well, perhaps, I don’t know any study which say such thing (and I hold PhD in behavioral neuroscience), but there is physiological difference between people who have preference for sweets and those who don’t, those who like hit and those who don’t, those who prefer sci-fi and history books, those who can seat all day in front of computer and those who enjoy extreme sports and etc and probably they are more notable differences.

    Also, studies do show that people who try to dim humans who don’t think like them as evil or inferior (and I’m not talking about different ideologies, but differences over things like that) are different, physiologically. There are physiological differences probably, between people who feel others are blamed for feeling discomfort near their man-made monster pit bull (which they call angel) and probably they are more related to psychopaths than those who hate dogs. I mean, many evil people in history really liked dogs.

  39. I don’t particularly like dogs but most of that has to do with idiot owners. Idiot owners who don’t leash, even unleash right in front of a sign that says “Dogs not permitted except ON leash”. And then I end up dealing with an aggressive unleashed dog and a delusional owner. Idiot owners who won’t peel their lazy ass off the sofa and shut their dog up, or didn’t realize a dog is a lot of work and have a bored, under exercised, under stimulated, lonely animal that gets less attention than a sack of rocks.

  40. In the end you will cry when your dog leaves your world . They live a short life in a human’s world . They are not children as we think of them ,but are what they are and respond to your attention and affection.Do not expect any more from them than that. We live on planet far in the middle of infinity and a dog will gladly share the ride with you I would prefer hell to heaven if dogs are not allowed .

  41. I’ve been around all manner of animals since I was a kid. Spend a lot of time on farms. Dogs and cats were not allowed in the house – except on rare occasions of extreme weather , they were allowed in the mudroom (alcove). They were not assigned human qualities or emotions and earned their keep. Cats kept the rodents down , and the dogs kept the cows in check and alerted us when something was amiss. They were never allowed where we ate , slept or gathered as a family. They lived in the barn(s) and were cared for , petted and groomed regularly. As kids we played with them and loved the company on long hikes and hunting. Even the cats would occasionally tag along for a little while. Nearly all of those animals lived very long lives and lived doing what they were born to do. They are ANIMALS. They are instinct driven. The way people treat them like humans and try to insist that (dogs in particular) give unconditional love (which they do not) is very sad for the poor animal. Animals only stay around if there is a food source. That is not love – that is instinct. I have continued throughout my days to treat my animals with respect and gratitude for being what they are. As my own life grows closer to it’s end , I have only one cat. After he is gone , I will not have anymore animals. Whatever days I have left will be spent in complete freedom. I will always be glad I had them – but I will not miss the responsibility that goes with it.

  42. I just had an incident tonight! I was at a park (it’s a dog group favorite this time of night at The Lawn in Singapore) where an open movie had finished. The dogs were running around and having a good sniff of left behind bounty. A group of people who clearly had a leader (a western person with obvious clout) said that the dogs were being “disgusting” and they should be removed. I was dumb enough to let it go and call my dogs and take them home. On second thought, I should have taken him on head on! I’m westerner too and don’t stand for this type of ridiculous one-sided bullying! I should have asked “disgusting?How so?” And let him sink!!!

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