Pet Hotel a No-Go in Michigan


The township board in Michigan’s Genesee County voted to reject a proposed pet hotel next to a store under development by PetSmart Inc. Located in the Heritage Park shopping centre of Grand Blanc, Michigan, PetsHotel was designed to allowing “vacationing” pets the luxury of sleeping on luxury dog beds, lambskin blankets, playing on cat furniture and dining upon lactose-free ice cream, for the mere price of $31.00 per day.

Offering “doggy suites” and “kitty cottages” PetsHotel is marketed towards those who think of their pets as people, who would want access to things such as televisions, blankets and playrooms. PetsHotel also boasts an on-site veterinarian, recirculated air to help control odors, and reinforced walls to minimize noise and allow said pets to have a nice, quiet, and relaxing stay.

Thursday’s vote, however, came after several residents, the local competition, and a veterinarian all spoke out against what PetSmart representatives had touted as the “Ritz-Carlton” of dog and cat boarding facilities.

Voted down on a 5-2 vote, the majority stated the main reasoning behind the rejection being that the proposal and building plan did not meet the township’s 5-acre requirement for all kennels, nor did they feel it was well-suited for a commercial setting. Additional concerns were also raised about the lack of outdoor exercise that was made available for the hotel?s four-legged guests.

Currently, 15 states are listed on the PetsHotel website, as locations where you can take your furry friend. Pet-friendly services, such as a full-service grooming salon and “The Bone Booth” (where absent owners can call and talk to their pets, free of charge) are available at the PetsHotel. Offering the revolutionary alternative in day and overnight pet care, PetsHotel claims that they give pet owners peace of mind in knowing that their pet is safe and happy, because everything about the facility is designed for your pet to receive superior care and personalized attention.


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