Pet Meds on the Web: The Hows and Whys


More and more online pharmacies are popping up, across the web, to serve the needs of their customers. With these customers spending more than $3 billion a year on medications, it’s no wonder that they have become one of the newest business trends. Even more amazing? These medications are not for human consumption, but for dogs, cats, birds and other pets!

Websites that sell everything from prescription medications to over-the-counter products, such as flea treatments and dewormers, are becoming the latest business fad, but experts caution pet owners to be careful and do the research.

Web-based pet pharmacies are the rage because, not only are American consumers more rushed for time and seeking to make shortcuts, but because of substantial discounts. Purchasing product in bulk, online pharmacies are able to offer savings of 10-20% to their customers – a colossal bonus over buying the medications at the veterinarian’s office. Unfortunately, what many fail to realize is that, like with any online pharmacy and prescription medications, one must ensure that the distributor is licensed in the states, not only where the business is headquartered, but also in the state that you live in.
Online pharmacies that operate outside of the United States need not comply with strict FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations and testing, that govern prescription drugs in the U.S. This can prove dangerous to your pet and, much as with a human pharmacy, one should be cautious of any distributor that tries to sell you a prescription medication… when you do not have the needed prescription.

Another concern is sacrificing time for money; if your pet requires prompt medical treatment and medicine, owners should not go the longer route, in hopes of saving a couple of bucks. For immediate treatments, medications should be purchased from one’s veterinarian; while they are often more expensive than online retailers, it is usually with good reason. Smaller veterinary clinics must pay more money for their medications because they do not always buy in bulk quantities, they often have to pay more for shipping and handling of their medications as well. If your pet needs medicine immediately, this is usually the fastest route to get him his medicine.

Above and beyond, pet owners should do what is best for their pets. Ultimately, the key to purchasing pet medications online is common sense and some research. If you do so, your pet is sure to thank you for it in the end!


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