Reasons Why Kids Need Dogs


There are several reasons why owning a dog can improve the overall disposition and attitude of a child.

Compassion and Love:

Your child’s dog will sit lovingly at their side with their head on the child’s lap and listen intently to their every word. Human companionship and a loving touch mean the world to your family pet. A dog is truly man’s best friend they never reveal your secrets nor do they lose their temper with you. Your child’s pet will be there to comfort them when they are ill and to play with them when they are happy.

Playful Exercise:

In today’s world most children are exposed to TV, cell phones and internet and rarely go outdoors and you can forget exercise. When a child has a dog the dog will enjoy playing ball, throwing Frisbee or jogging and running alongside the child’s bike. Not only will the dog and child get the exercise they need daily, they will also enjoy the fresh air while laughing, romping and playing together.

Best Friend:

When everyone else is too busy to play with a child, their best friend is always there, if the weather does not allow them to play outdoors, your dog is always ready to entertain them. This playmate will never get angry and yell, hit them or take their toys and go home. A dog will be there to help dry and child’s tears and bring on laughter in any situation.

Teaching Responsibility:

Owning a dog is a great responsibility, when a child is taught that a pet is their responsibility, it will improve other areas of their life as well. The dog has to be fed, watered, exercised and groomed daily as well as cleaning up after their pet when they do their job in the yard. These chores are to be done before anything else, such as playing. These daily chores will make children more responsible and help them throughout their life

Personal Protector:

When your child is playing in a fenced area along with their dog, you will have a more secure feeling of your child’s safety. When someone comes to your door or onto your property, a dog will let you know immediately. If a child gets injured a dog will usually let you know by barking immediately, through natural instincts a dog will usually try to prevent a child from doing anything that may be dangerous. Dogs are not only protectors of the family; they are absolutely the family’s best friend.

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  1. This is a must read by many parents so they would understand why dogs are important to have for their kids. You could actually add that there 30% increase on the lifespan of person if he/she choose to have a pet dog. What was mentioned in the article is extremely true. Two thumbs up!

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