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How To Recognize A Pedigree Cat


So you’re looking for a pet and have decided to own a cat, a pedigree cat. Whether you choose to buy a kitten or to adopt an older cat, you’ll likely be looking at a variety of breeders and online classified ads.

As you begin your search, you may find that it’s not so straightforward to be looking for a pedigree cat, as some cats are advertised as pedgree when they’re actually a moggie (which is what we call a non-pedigree cat here in the UK).

Why would a non-pedigree cat be advertised as a pedigree cat?

This is mostly due to ignorance on the person placing the advert. Some think that cats with long hair are Persians and that all floppy, laid-back cats are Ragdolls. A typical example of this is a cat that has markings of a Siamese cat and the cat is automatically assumed to be a Siamese. s previously mentioned, it is not as simple as this. The cat above in the featured photo looks a bit like a Siamese, but it is actually a Thai cat and her kitten. A This article covers the basic steps to check whether a cat is a pedigree or not.

When searching for your beloved feline friend it doesn’t really matter if they are pedigree or not if you’ve found your perfect kitten or cat! Pedigree cats are expensive to buy and therefore you want to be 100% assured that the cat you’re looking to buy is pedigree.

So what can you do to recognize that the cat you’re interested in is actually a pedigree cat?

Obtain as much information possible about the breed.

After deciding on what cat breed you would like to go for, you should then do as much research as possible on the history of this cat breed. There is a lot of information on the internet and plenty of books that will educate you well on pedigree vs non-pedigree. There are lots of cat breed pages that will help you learn about the different cat breeds, colours and other characteristics.

Another way of educating yourself further is to visit various cat shows that are run up and down the country. Look at the different breeds and speak to the owners to gain a better understanding of the breed and its characteristics and traits.

Check the paperwork is correct.

As previously explained, a pedigree cat is not one that just looks a certain way. Within their paperwork, it should be clearly stated if they are pedigree or non-pedigree. Information about their parents, grandparents etc. When you’re buying a pedigree cat for sale you should receive all of this information.

If you’re looking at cats to adopt, like these cats up for adoption, then they may not come with a certified document so you should be wary if you’re being asked for lots of money.

Remember that research is important and if you’re unsure on the lawfulness of the pet for sale or pet for adoption then this must be reported to the RSPCA immediately.

Consider whether you want to show the cat.

If you’re not looking to show the cat, then some of the above information may not be that important to you. You may well be interested in getting a pedigree cat, but the paperwork is not that important. If you’re looking to show the cat then the paperwork is vital and you will need to check that the cat is registered with an official governing body. This will mean that you will also need a registration certificate as well as the pedigree certificate.

It is entirely at your discretion what cat breed you wish to buy or adopt. Whether it is pedigree or non-pedigree, the cat has to suit your family and individual needs, and you have to be ready to commit to your new pet. There are lots of beautiful moggies that are looking for a new home and they cost a lot less than a pedigree cat.


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This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission for sales referred from links on our site. We're also Amazon Associates, so we may earn from those qualifying purchases, too. Learn more!