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Scottish Folds Explained in Instagram Images


They’re Super Cute

The post disappeared, so here’s Taylor and Olivia instead. Hopefully Olivia and Meredith are doing well.

Not sure how cute Scottish Folds can be? Watch those two in action. Detective Olivia Benson and Dr. Meredith Grey are popular cuties on Instagram. Oh, and, by the way, they live with Taylor Swift. She’s kind of popular, too.

Not All Scottish Folds Have “Folded” Ears

That’s Maru, a “straight” who gained Internet stardom for his fascination with boxes. Honestly, what’s not to love about a cat and a box?! Maru doesn’t have the ‘folded’ ears, but he definitely has the classic charisma of a Scottish Fold. All Folds are actually born with straight, unfolded ears, and those with the ‘fold gene’ won’t begin to show the fold for about three weeks. Maru gained his fame years ago (and has even appeared in some kitty litter commercials). Joined by Hana several years ago, his YouTube account has over 500,000 subscribers.

They Have Big Round Eyes and Round Heads

Their large, round eyes and rounded heads make Scottish Folds quite photogenic. It’s easy to find pretty, funny, cute, adorable pictures of them on Instagram and Hiro is no exception. His has, perhaps, one of the cutest Instagram portfolios we’ve ever seen.

They’re Not All Short Haired

Their Signature Sitting Position

That’s Butterfold showing off the classic Scottish Fold sitting pose. They’re like little Buddhas. Perhaps “Fold” is referring to their spines as well as their ears.

They Can Stand

Okay, we’re back to Hiro here because this is perhaps the coolest standing cat pic we’ve ever seen! Sure, he could see out that huge window if he were sitting or lounging like a “normal” cat, but what’s the fun in that?

Upside Down Frowns

Milla the Cat demonstrating both her ease of laying on her back and the always entertaining nature of the Scottish Fold. Folds’ mouths are typically a ‘frown’ . . . unless, of course, they’re upside-down.

They Are Affectionate

They Look Like Owls

Roku might be the most famous Scottish Fold on Instagram. Even dog people know who Roku is. This shot is a perfect illustration of how much a Fold can look like an owl. It’s the eyes!

Finding a “Fold” of Your Own

The Scottish Fold’s personality, rare physical traits, and all around super cuteness make them a popular cat breed and a Scottish Fold kitten typically costs quite a bit more than a more common breed of kitten. Remember, not all Folds have “folded” ears so breeders typically charge more for kittens that end up having that trait since they could also have a litter full of “straights.”

Why Not Adopt?!

Don’t just get a Scottish Fold because a celebrity has one or because you’re in love with a popular Instagram pet personality, get one because you think you can give it a good home and because you know it will fit into your world, and because it’s something you want with all your heart.

Even though it’s unlikely to find Scottish Folds based on their demand, it’s worth checking into. If you must own a Scottish Fold, check into adoptions first:

Experience Norton, The Cat Who Went To Paris

If you like to read and want to experience Scottish Fold fun first hand, without actually owning one of your own, we suggest getting to know Norton – a famous, pre-instagram, Scottish Fold. He is the focus of three books written by Peter Gethers, a reformed cat-hater, who travels with his feline companion and falls in love.


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This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission for sales referred from links on our site. We're also Amazon Associates, so we may earn from those qualifying purchases, too. Learn more!