Solstice East’s Equine Therapy Program is Helping Adolescents Gain Mental Health


WEAVERVILLE, N.C., Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Solstice East, a top-rated residential treatment center in Weaverville, North Carolina, offers on-site equine therapy to address mental health issues in adolescents ages 14-17.

Research shows that teens struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges resulting from trauma, depression and addiction greatly benefit from equine-assisted psychotherapy.

At Solstice East, teens work directly with horses to learn about their own communication styles and relationship patterns. By putting these skills to practice, students are making meaningful life changes, showing marked improvement in self-esteem, empathy, impulse control, independence, and problem-solving skills.

According to Assistant Clinical and Equine Director Georgia DeFrancia, “Solstice East’s program is built on a strong clinical foundation that helps students gain confidence in getting their needs met and working through their challenges.” Each therapist works with an equine specialist trained in trauma-focused therapy, and teens participate in grooming, feeding and caring for horses. In higher phases of the program, students can take horsemanship classes and ride the horses as well if they are interested. DeFrancia believes this relationship-based, holistic approach to therapy provides “powerful experiences” that enhance psychological, relational and emotional well-being in adolescents.

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Solstice East specializes in helping girls struggling with a variety of challenges, offering a low-risk environment where they can work to build empathy and trust through their interaction with horses. Comprised of a 25-acre campus in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the program also provides an accredited academic schedule and therapeutic programming that treats a wide range of trauma and disorders.

To learn more about Solstice East Residential Treatment Center, visit their website at or contact them at 828-414-2980.


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