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Dogs tiny puppy wearing a santa hat

Getting a Puppy for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all starting to consider the perfect gift for our loved ones. Parents with children often want to get them a puppy. They know the joy and pleasure a companion will be to grow up with and share those wonderful years.

Before taking the plunge, please do your homework and consider all the factors that accompany adding a new member to the family before taking that leap of commitment.

Cost of adding a puppy

First is the initial cost of the puppy. We strongly recommend going to your local animal shelter to find that new member. You will be able to find puppies and mature dogs. Good things can be said about either choice. Puppies are indeed fun but need to be trained from the ground up which require a whole lot of consistent work. Mature dogs may already be house trained and that can shave hours of training and frustration. Visit the shelter and plan to spend plenty of time with the choices you will have. A few hours playing will tell you a lot about each pet you think will be a great match for you and your family.

Dogs yellow lab making a mess on the kitchen floor

Avoiding Dog Problems

Dogs can be troublesome. They can bark, dig, and shed hair all over your furniture. They need to be exercised, and they cost money to feed. Fortunately there are things you can…