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A Dog-Friendly Garden

by Bill Weston

There are a number of good reasons to want to let your dog run free outdoors, including the good health of your furry friend and to help prevent them from running amok inside your home, but making a garden dog-friendly can be tougher than you might expect. Gardening is a very popular pastime, and dogs can have a habit of ruining fledging plants. Additionally, they’re curious creatures who will endeavor to find a way out of even the most secure garden.

It’s hard to predict which plants a dog will be tempted to rip up and when, but there are certain measures you can take to protect your plants. Some people erect small fences around vulnerable plants to protect them from dogs, and although most dogs are capable of jumping a 1ft fence they are much less likely to. There are other preventative measures you can take including buying larger plants for the garden, as small ones are much more susceptible to attack.