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How To Make Hummingbird Food

hummingbird wingsI adore hummingbirds. They’re such pretty little creatures to have fluttering around the yard. Every Spring I look at the old note I have stuck to the inside of our recipe cabinet to remind myself of the right sugar to water mix ratio before I make the first batch of food and set the feeders out again. So today I thought I’d share the hummingbird food recipe and how I make a batch.

I’m also including some of my favorite pictures, my favorite place to buy hummingbird feeders, and what I do to keep the feeders clean and nicely filled all Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

Birds hummingbird at a feeder

Hummingbirds Make Great (Backyard) Pets

Hummingbirds are wonderful birds to watch. They’re smart, they’re playful, and they’re fairly easy to attract to your yard. While they are not, and should never be, pets in the traditional sense,…