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Monkeys Overpopulate Mackinac Island

Named one of the Top 10 Islands in the World by Conde Nast Traveler, and a Top 10 Car-Free U.S. Destination by Sherman’s Travels, Mackinac Island is known for it’s countless unique attractions and peaceful scenery. If ever you’ve enjoyed a trip to Michigan’s Mackinac Island, you might have rented a bike to cycle around the island or taken a carriage ride to view the sights. In fact, automobiles aren’t permitted, enhancing the vacation feel and appeal to the unique island and all it has to offer.

As one of our own favorite vacation destinations, it’s disheartening to hear of the utter chaos that has been occurring on the island over the past few months. With summer right around the corner and the onset of vacations it appears millions of dollars in revenue will be lost due to the recent over-population of monkeys.
That’s right, we said monkeys!