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General dog groomer grooming a dog

The Top 5 Careers for Working with Animals

by Richard McMunn

For those who love animals, working with them can be a dream come true. There are many different types of jobs and activities that involve working with animals in one way or another. Whether it is a conservation job that entails taking care of wildlife, or an administrative job for an animal rescue center, a job that involves working for animals can be rewarding and joy giving.

Let’s look at a wide range of activities and careers that involve working with animals.

1. Wildlife Conservation
Wildlife conservation is a popular and highly competitive field. Of course, wildlife conservation doesn’t always involve working with animals, but can be an immensely interesting and rewarding subject for those passionate about the natural environment.

General girl and 3 dogs outside silhouetted against a blue sky

Top 5 Cool Careers with Animals

by Natalie Loeffler
Is it possible to do something that you love, and make money doing it? Most definitely it is if you love working with animals! There happens to be a number of jobs that make decent money, and they all have to do with working, playing, or studying animals. This brief article gives you a summary of the Top 5 most popular jobs with animals, how much you get paid doing them, and whether your personality characteristics fit the job.