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The Top 5 Careers for Working with Animals


For those who love animals, working with them can be a dream come true. There are many different types of jobs and activities that involve working with animals in one way or another. Whether it is a conservation job that entails taking care of wildlife, or an administrative job for an animal rescue center, a job that involves working for animals can be rewarding and joy giving.

Let’s look at a wide range of activities and careers that involve working with animals:

1. Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is a popular and highly competitive field. Of course, wildlife conservation doesn’t always involve working with animals, but can be an immensely interesting and rewarding subject for those passionate about the natural environment.

Working in conservation can be very rewarding, but also involves a lot of hard work. A degree in conservation biology or a similar field may be necessary to work as a conservation officer or field worker. However, an excellent way to get your foot in the door and learn on the job is to volunteer.

Most wildlife conservation charities and trusts have openings for volunteers, and this can be the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what the work is really like.

2. Veterinary Jobs

The most popular career for people who love animals is, of course, veterinary medicine. Becoming a vet can be difficult and involves a lot of hard work, but it certainly pays off in terms of job satisfaction.

There are many different jobs in the world of veterinary medicine. Some job roles in the world of veterinary medicine include a veterinary surgeon, veterinary nurse, animal physiotherapist, clinical assistant, and other administrative staff in a veterinary clinic. Of course the paths to these jobs are different, but they involve working with animals.

3. Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is an increasingly popular career choice for animal lovers. If you like domestic pets, and love taking care of them, this may just be the career for you. Grooming involves everything from bathing to manicures! Pet grooming is a sophisticated field, and there are vocational courses that teach you the A to Z of it.

Pet grooming can be the perfect career for those who want the choice of working independently or starting their own grooming business. Again, if you would like to get a feel for the job before taking a course, volunteering with a pet grooming company, or an animal shelter to see what it is like taking care of animals may be a good idea.

4. Equestrian Jobs

If you love horses, an equestrian job may be for you. There are many opportunities to work in a stable, from grooming, training, breeding and health care.

A good way to start is by volunteering for a position in stables or equestrian rehab centers. Many local educational institutions offer vocational animal care courses as well as more specific equestrian courses.

5. Animal Charity Jobs

There are many different job roles that go into the successful running of an animal charity, whether it is a rescue center or an animal rights organization. Jobs include animal career jobs, home visitors, adoption officers, veterinary medicine roles, as well as other jobs such as administrative positions, management roles, PR and communications roles. Not all job roles may involve working directly with animals, but they are all very closely connected to their welfare!

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This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission for sales referred from links on our site. We're also Amazon Associates, so we may earn from those qualifying purchases, too. Learn more!