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Out with the Rat and In with the Ox

Wishing You & Yours a Happy New Year!

I know, it’ll be a bit longer before it’s official – but since it’s New Year’s Eve here in the U.S. I’m taking the liberty of posting about the Chinese Zodiac’s Rat and Ox tonight. Gone is 2008 (the year of the rat) and 2009 (the year of the ox) is upon us.

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The Origin of Pet Fancy Rats

Once feared as child-killers and plague vectors, rats have developed a terrible reputation through the years. Running wild in the 19th century, rats created the necessity for rat catchers, paid professionals who were employed to capture and kill rats. It is here, in the tale of the rat-catcher, that the Brothers Grimm found inspiration for their sad and grizzly story The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Oddly enough, however, this may