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Dogs Pirelli

When Dogs are Heroes

by Chrissy Chesney

Any dog lover knows that we are blessed by having these special animals in our lives, but there are some dogs who have a higher purpose than just making a difference in one family’s life. Pirelli is a golden retriever who makes a big difference in lots of people’s lives, despite being born with only three paws.

When Pirelli was in his mother’s womb, the umbilical cord wrapped around one of his back paws, cutting off the blood supply and causing him to be born with only three paws. He was bred to be a service dog, helping people with disabilities with physical aspects of their lives, but because of his own disability, this was not to be Pirelli’s fate – instead, his owners at Canine Assistants recognized that this beautiful puppy was going to be able to help in a different way, as a “spokesdog” for those with disabilities.

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