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In Loving Memory of Otis

We recently received an email from Kevin Tarzanin sharing a video. Once we watched it we knew we wanted to share with our readers. It is a tribute to Otis and dogs everywhere. It is absolutely enjoyable to listen to and the lyrics tout the great attributes of our furry friends. Their music is a blending of early Ska, Reggae, Soul, Rock, New Orleans brass arrangements and hip-hop.

The song was written by Kevin Tarzania in memory of his dog Otis who he was lucky to have as a friend for 15 years. Kevin is a member of the band Bullbuckers who recorded the song simply titled “Otis”.


The Great Until

*~Dedicated to those who work in shelters & for all who have ever reached out to help a stray~*

Beyond a shimmering mist is another special land
A place that God created with the brush of His hand

A sun-washed valley, with grass-covered hills
Filled with joy for us, for before the “Great Until”

This place is for we who had no human kin
and those who