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Weekly Tweets 2009-04-03

  • RT @SnootyPaws Apparently 86,000 people a year end up in the emergency room because they tripped over the family pet. #
  • RT @GoFetchGifts: Pls RT: Looking for stories, Mothers Day blog post. Do you share your mom w/ her pets? Does she treat them like your s … #
  • Animal campaigners urge Michael Jackson not to use elephants and

Twitter Tweets

Twitter Bird IconSo, I’ve finally taken the plunge and joined Twitter – mainly because I kept seeing “Follow Me” links at some of my favorite pet blogs and websites and while I was interested and intrigued, I hadn’t yet indulged in twittering myself.

So today I joined, created my profile page (which is probably pretty lame by seasoned Twitterers, er, I mean

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