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Take Your Dog to Work Day

The 13th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day is June 24, 2011 so groom your furry friends up and get ready to introduce your four-legged “best friend” to co-workers.

Pet Sitters International created the event to show that dogs are great companions and encourage adoption from local shelters or rescue organizations. PSI feels that when co-workers see the human-animal bond they may be encouraged to adopt a dog.

So go ahead and get your boss warmed up to the idea of getting on the band wagon. Tell them how dogs at work help boost morale, reduce stress, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. Maybe you can be so convincing that they will consider a “dogs at work” policy year round. Your K-9 buddy may not be happy to go to work at first but will soon adjust and enjoy the company.

If you are so lucky that your company will allow dogs for the annual event make sure that you and your dog are good ambassadors for the cause. Keep in mind the purpose of Take Your Dog to Work Day is to encourage dog adoption. Here are a few suggestions to make the day the best that it can be.