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Dogs puppy scared of the vet

Help! My Dog Is Afraid Of The Vet

Has going to the vet become an ordeal that you dread because of your dog’s anxieties and fears? Do they cry, shake, pace, drool or otherwise act like the veterinarian is going…


250th Anniversary of the Veterinary Profession

Veterinarians play a huge part in the lives of our pets. We would like to show our appreciation by informing everyone that 2011 has been declared “World Veterinary Year”. When you visit your vet this year, give them a hug and let them know you are happy they do what they do!

The entire world should join in celebrating the veterinary profession, which has been working to improve both animal and human health for the past 250 years.

A brief history of the beginning makes for an interesting and fascinating read.

General vet with a kitten

Top 10 Jobs Working With Animals

If you love working with animals, becoming a veterinarian isn’t your only job option. There are quite a few animal-related careers that will allow you to be surrounded by animals on a…