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November 4th is tomorrow! It is not only the first Tuesday of November. . . it is the day that all Americans will come together to elect our nation’s new President. What you might not know is that it’s also the day the Doggie Electoral College will cast their votes to make their barks heard around the world. Even as you read, the popular dog vote is being tallied and re-tallied on the political pet website, So if you haven’t already visited and voted, read on…

Join together with Barley, Raffles, and Stella as they use their vast political knowledge along with their individual blogs to help navigate the ins and outs of the current political landscape.

The premise of Cara’s site is wonderfully simple. Buy the appropriate political party bandanna for $9.95 and a vote will be cast on behalf of your state for the party you support on the basis of your purchase. It’s so simple, even humans can understand that a red bandanna with McCain dog paw means that he or she is a Republican and that the blue bandanna is for Obama supporting Democrats dogs. For those wondering the current status of the presidential race, Obama is running away with the Doggie Electoral Vote! Literally, like it’s a frisbee over the dog park… 367 to 46. On the positive side for the Republicans though, as Stella was so gracious to point out, a single purchase in some states could change the way the Doggie Electoral College votes. According to the interactive “Doggie Vote Map”(which I have to say, ROCKS) some states such as South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Idaho, Kansas and Oklahoma, to name a few have yet to cast a vote. Kudos though to the Commonwealth of Virginia, with 93 votes cast to be the state leading the way in the all important Doggie Vote with Oregon and Minnesota following closely.

For those undecided voters needing more information on the candidates, Barley, Raffles and Stella each offer political analysis that should prove to be hilariously to the point as they lead us through the process to the culmination of the election of our next President. As a civic minded canine or canine owner, don’t forget, to visit and vote, for as the site’s tag line reads “THE FATE OF OUR NATION LIES IN THEIR PAWS”!


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