Tips for Taking in a Shelter Dog


Bringing a new puppy home is fun and exciting, but it can be stressful if you don’t know where to begin. You and your family will likely be ready to love and cuddle your new pup, but you can’t forget about tackling the challenges that come with adoption, too. Consider these tips for taking in a shelter dog to make the transition smoother.

Be Mindful

Adding a new four-legged member to your family is likely a decision you’ve been considering for a while. Remember that the dog you’re adopting might not be as ready as you are. If your new dog isn’t as eager to join the family as you anticipated, remember that it is probably feeling a little anxious.

Create a Safe Space

Your pet might feel even more anxious in your home without a safe space to go. Create a comforting area for it to relax when it gets overwhelmed with the new experience. You’ll likely get a toy or blanket from the adoption facility that belongs to your dog. Place the items in a quiet area where it can lay down and relax as it adjusts. Consider adding a dog bed or a few other blankets for some added comfort, too.

Make Introductions Slowly

A bad introduction to the new living space and people can traumatize a scared pup. Avoid introducing your adopted dog to a large group of people at once. Instead, slowly let the family members have one-on-one time, and increase the number of people in the room as the dog begins to settle in. Likewise, let it take its time exploring all the areas of the house and backyard.

Start Training Right Away

Even an older adopted dog will need a refresher course to break habits it picked up at its adoption facility. The earlier you start a training routine, the better your results will be. Consider enrolling it in a professional training class, and try a few training tricks at home to get your dog to stop previously learned behavior like begging for food. Here are some additional tips for training your dog to stop begging.

Build a Daily Routine

A great way to help your dog assimilate into the new space is to create a consistent routine. Fed it at the same time and in the same place, and take it for a walk along the same route every day. This consistency will allow the dog to feel less anxious as it will know what to expect.

Follow these tips for taking in a shelter dog to help your dog become a part of your family quicker.


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