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Treat Your Pet to Something Nice


by Rupert Brown

The UK is a nation of animal lovers, with almost half of the population sharing their lives and homes with a cornucopia of mammals, birds and reptiles.

We buy pet insurance, pay exorbitant vet bills and purchase the best quality food. We groom them, exercise them in the rain, sing to them and pick up their mess. You wouldn’t do some of these things for another human being, but are rewarded with devotion, trust and hours of fun.

‘Pet power’ has real benefits to humans. Pet groups claim that contact with animals can reduce stress, help prevent allergies and illness, lower blood pressure and boost the chances of survival after a life threatening illness.

We love our pets and what better way to show it than splurging on the odd pet accessory here and there? Dressing pets can seem amusing, but animal clothes can prove practical in some cases. Raincoats for dogs are a good idea if you are on a long walk and the weather is damp and chilly. These garments are easy to put on your pet, with one zip they provide extra protection from the elements. You wrap up warm, so why shouldn’t Rover?

Or perhaps treat your cat to an indoor entertainment system? Incorporating a scratch post, toys and cat beds, these systems comprise multiple bases and poles which can be contracted in a number of configurations; providing your feline friend with hours of fun, stimulation and exercise.

If you don’t want to encourage your pets to sleep on the sofa, buy them a cat or dog bed. It’s hard to discipline your best friend; however, if they’ve got a nice bed to rest on, you won’t feel so guilty. All dog beds ought to be easy to clean, obviously, and ensure they are constructed of supportive and comfortable materials.

Some designs resemble chic sofas, upholstered in faux leather and ideal for the most discerning pet. Others come complete with a matching cushion and wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket bistro or bar.

For sophisticated aquatics, why not treat your fish to a swanky tank which has day and night light settings? Furnish their underwater paradise with lots of plants, rocks and little models. The Spongebob Squarepants range is particularly entertaining. Watch as your fish swim to the Crusty Crab or play with Patrick the pink starfish.

Rupert Brown as a freelance author writes articles on various topics. To learn more about dog beds and dog blankets he recommends you to visit Muddy Paws.


About Author

Devoted pet owner and now, devoted pet editor, Judi worked in traditional offices, keeping the books and the day-to-day operations organized. Taking her dog to work every day for over a decade never seemed odd. Neither did having an office cat. She knows what it's like to train a new puppy and she's experienced the heartache of losing beloved companions. Retired, she currently lives with her spoiled dog and four chickens (who are, interestingly enough, also spoiled).


  1. Hi Rupert,
    This is really very good information you provided here.. and I agree with you that we have to take care of our pets properly… because they are also like our family members.. and they have feelings for us like other family members..
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Pets also have souls in their body. We should treat our pets with love and affectionate. I have a pet cat and I really like playing with her. Whenever I reach my home, it comes out to the door to greet me.

    They love you, so we should also treat them the same.

  3. With five cats and a dog, it is no secret my wife and I are huge animal lovers. Great blog. Keep up the good work. Spoil your pets!!

  4. A mutual acquaintence said I would really like your site. Glad I listened to her! I like how you really scrutinize and get to the point but can you go over that last part again? Just a bit? –Leo

  5. The Benefits of Pets

    A pet is a domesticated animal kept for purposes of companionship. When you decide to take your dog pet for a walk, you are not just benefiting the dog but also bettering your health by getting the ability to exercise a bit and get exposed to fresh air. Although most pets can easily do well without absolute dedication from the owner, most pets require love and care for them to survive. This is because just like humans; they like to have the feeling of belonging, the feeling of being wanted and that way the owner will with no doubt be loved by these animals. You should understand that proper care for your pets is one way of demonstrating your love to them.

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This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission for sales referred from links on our site. We're also Amazon Associates, so we may earn from those qualifying purchases, too. Learn more!