Westminster Kennel Club 136th Annual Dog Show


If you are a dog lover and enjoy seeing the best of the best then you will want to watch the Westminster Kennel Club 136th Annual Dog Show, Monday and Tuesday, February 13-14, 2012. The event is held at Madison Square Garden Center, Pennsylvania Plaza in New York City. Live Opening Night Coverage begins Monday, February 13 at 8/7C on USA before switching to CNBC at 9/8C. USA will broadcast the complete Closing Night competition at 8/7C on Tuesday, February 14.

Since the beginning of the Annual Dog Show in 1877 we have been able to see so many of the top dogs in the country. It is a show that will fascinate and amuse the young and the old and everything in between.

Westminster Best In Show winner was awarded for the first time in 1907. In 1923 there was no Best In Show award, the American Kennel Club barred interbreed competition for 1923 except in the Miscellaneous Class. Comprehensive new rules for Group & Best in Show judging were adopted effective for 1924.

Here is a bit of interesting information, since 1907 Fox Terriers have won 17 times, Scottish Terriers 8 times, Spaniel (English Springer) 5 times, Airedale Terriers 4 times, Boxers 4 times, Doberman Pinschers 4 times, Poodles (Standard) 4 times, Sealyham Terriers 4 times, Pekingese 3 times, Pointers 3 times, Poodles (Miniature) 3 times, Spaniels (Cocker) 3 times, Afghan Hounds 2 times, Bulldogs 2 times, Lakeland Terriers 2 times, Newfoundlands 2 times, Norwich Terriers 2 times, Old English Sheepdogs 2 times, Pointers (German Shorthaired) 2 times, Poodles (Toy) 2 times, West Highland White Terriers 2 times, one time winners are Beagle, Bedlinton Terrier, Bichon Frise, Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier (colored), Collie, German Shepherd, Papillon, Pomeranian, Pug, Scottish Deerhound, Setter (English), Siberian Husky, Skye Terrier, Spaniel (Clumber), Spaniel (Irish Water), Spaniel (Sussex), Standard Schnauzer, Welsh Terrier, Whippet, Yorkshire Terrier.

It appears that the terriers are by far the winners more often than not. Wishing all of the 2012 entries good luck!


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