What Should You Look For in a Pet Water Fountain?


While you may have to leave home for errands, work, or prior obligations, your pets are safe as long as they have access to water.

One of the best ways to keep your pets healthy is by providing adequate hydration. Water aids in digestion, carries the nutrients throughout the body and helps your pet maintain normal body temperatures. Investing in a good pet water fountain is essential as it provides unrestricted access to water.

Features to Look For in a Water Fountain

With so many drinking fountains in the market, choosing one that best fits your pet can be a daunting decision. You need to consider the health concerns that each fountain poses. There are fountains made of plastic and ceramic. These fountains may cause nose pigmentation loss if your pet’s skin is sensitive. Some are made from BPA-free plastic, which is a healthier alternative to regular plastic.

Stainless steel fountains are an excellent choice as they are easy to clean and don’t cause reactions for pets with pigment sensitivity. When using a water bowl, you need to keep replacing the water as it’s filled with dirt and grime. An outdoor water fountain has a water filtration system which makes your work easier.

Additional Considerations

Although most of these products have replaceable water filters made from charcoal, you might want to consider a fountain with a multi-stage filtration process to ensure your pet has the freshest water supply. Be sure to check how easy it is to clean and maintain as this means that your pet can enjoy drinking from the fountain for longer periods of time.

Also, the height of the fountain can put stress on your pet’s muscles if you don’t find the size that works for the size of your pet.

High water fountains may work well for pets with long legs and those with limited mobility and painful joints. A low-level fountain is comfortable as it doesn’t alter the pet’’s body posture.

Do not forget the water capacity of your fountain. A larger breed of dog won’t do with a 50-ounce capacity. You may need to change it after a hike, run, or a trip. You can find a model with a big water reservoir that can store enough water sufficient for your pet when you are away.

Pets love to drink water and always (always) need access to a good supply. While a water fountain may look like an extra expense, it’s a worthwhile investment that ensures that your pet is hydrated and it might just save you expensive trips to the vet for problems linked to dehydration like kidney problems.

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